• The Minds of the Masses

    The human mind is more powerful than one might imagine. There exists a large sample of the population that are essentially willing this particular scenario to take place. Look at the human mind as a grain of sand, you put enough together and create the moon which controls the tide.

  • It will happen eventually

    Look guys, why did Adolf Hitler kill millions of Jews? Pfft, who knows. Did anyone expect it coming? OH hell no! So why can't a zombie apocalypse happen? It probably won't be like the movies but it'll happen one day. Besides, we are learning new things everyday and sometimes, the new things we learn go wrong.

  • There Will Eventually

    There is many viruses out there that infect the mind. If one of them were to mutate (e.C Drug Mutation) that might be enough to start the zombie rampage. However, it will not be a "apocalypse". They would have too many natural predators. Moreover, biting isn't a good spreading way.

  • Zombis are coming to eat us at some point in time

    I think that their will be some kind of zombie invasion because are public is always talking about nonsense and seem very suspeise.I also think that people would not work together and kill others for more supplis.I mean does anyone watch the walking dead.So now you might be able to see why theie is a possibilty of a zombie invasion

  • Zombies are coming

    I think that their will be some kind of a gas leak to make the dead come alive to feed on are souls for them selves.So now you might beable to see why i think that their will or would be a zombie acopice sometime and will be some kind of terriste attack

  • Why not my people?

    Look at our society today. Every where we go, you find people talking about a bunch of non-sense ideas, but they all seem to end up deriving from some truth. Yes, right now there is no really good evidence that an Apocalypse could occur, but that doesn't mean it won't somehow come truth.

    Back in the time of Jesus Christ's time, there were many people questioning he was the son of God, but guess what, he turned out to be so.

    So maybe right now there isn't a lot of research or facts to back up the theory, but believe me, it could happen. I bet the likely hood of having Obama Care being fixed before the Apocalypse occurs, is not likely at all.

  • Viruses are known for spreading,

    Now if or when the "Zombie Apocolyse" happends, the only known way of spread would be cough, or if the virus is really bad it may end up as like in the movies, via bite, but for that to happen the virus would need to spread and infect the heart. When so the blood stream would lead strait to the brain and infect it. This would probaly take somewhere between 3 to 4 hours before full affect. Blood then would need to be injected into the victom, if the mouth is bleeding of cource. After the skin is cut open and the "bitters" blood is injected into the victom their blood stream is infected also, causeing is so called "Apocalypse". There may or may not be a cure though. This would not turn out like the 2013 movie "World War Z" where a sirum is injeced into the uninfecteds arm and after a course of three hours to are invisable by the " Zombies"

  • A very crazy scientist

    Odds are, there will be (or already is) some psycho trying to get back at someone by killing off the earth. I mean, toy just have to mix a rabies-coma mix, and get it in people. Science is advancing. Things will happen, but we need to be prepared. Ready to kill!

  • Why not !L

    Life has full of surprises, somehow anything can happens ! Look at your life, you will see many amazing and unbelievable things that happened... One day up, one day down but always surprising... Moreover ı am waiting for this ! I hope my age will be enough to see that ...

  • Very likely, in a long term kinda way

    Anyone heard of 'the last of us' ?, well if you have its based on a true infection, if you havent, well; its basically about a fungus that infects the brain and mutates it eventually killing the host and the fungus takes over. When the host dies it releases spores that if inhaled, can effect others too. The infection also spreads through being bitten by another human host. Look up the game or play it by the way, its pretty amazing.

    Problem is, the infection only infects insects and has developed a way to get into larger creatures like humans. The infection is called Cordyceps and works exactly to insects like it does in the game 'the last of us'.

  • Not at all

    Almost everyone who said yes had some kind of rumor made by the movies or something about the movies. Well here's a little side fact for you all: MOVIES ARE NOT REAL! All these movies were made to entertain and not become real live facts. All this talk about "the zombie virus" or whatever is made-up movie B.S.

  • It is impossible.

    It is physically impossible for the stereotypical zombie to exist, to spread, or to be a threat for any measurable length of time. Theoretically I suppose it's possible for some kind of contagious disease to make people go berzerk and resemble zombies in many ways, though they would still be very much alive. Even that's a remote possibility.

    Posted by: Quan
  • It won't happen because

    I don't think so because there has to be 4 viruses to join for there to be a zombie apocalypse , the 4 viruses are specumus z , plocytious , dynamics , and nonutios but those with be inposible to join because the central of desiese control (CDC) has them hidden in strong items , jars containers vaults etc , and have the 4 viruses distance so they wouldint conbine so there a zombie apocalypse won't happen but if it does happen (God's plan) the government has giant ships with rooms with beds , bathrooms , etc the ship is called B-ark and if the ship has airplanes and other vechles incase the ship sinks , so there won't be a zombie apocalypse .

  • C'mon people! Be realistic!

    A zombie apocalypse where the dead come back to life? No chance at all. At least not where the dead could move around more than a few minutes.

    It's basic biology. Any muscle cell requires fuel and waste removal. That requires a functioning circulatory system and organs to process the fuel and handle the waste removal. If you shoot them in the heart or cause massive blood loss, any living thing is going to die and stay dead.

  • No, it won't

    While I do watch my share of The Walking Dead, I don't think that we will ever see any kind of a zombie apocalypse here on Earth. It simply is too far beyond reality for such a thing to ever happen. I do think that it would be kind of cool though.

  • No It Will Not

    A zombie apocalypse will never happen. This is because zombies are not real and are just fictitious figures. How many zombies have you seen in your lifetime? I'm willing to bet that the answer is zero. Once you die that is pretty much it for your life. There will be no apocalypse.

  • No, I am Not Worried About a Zombie Apocalypse.

    While there are many folks who may have concerns about zombies, I think it is much overblown. The real threat to the population is the dwindling of life sustaining resources that are available in the natural world. This will be a bigger issue than anything related to a problem with zombie apocalypse.

  • Why it won't happen

    Zombies will never come to be because of military power, medicine and common science. When the human body dies the body shuts down all parts including the brain. By then all of the brain has died and will not work again. Thus the body will not be able to walk, run, bite, or attack .

  • God is with us, and won't let us die.

    God would take us to heaven before any mass killing apocalypse would happen. Yes genocide has happened, but an apocalypse is just plain torture. Seriously, do we have any faith in our god? He will save us. It doesn't matter what religion you are, just know there is one God, and he loves us.

  • They are mindless

    Whether you believe they can run or not, one inescapable truth about zombies since their introduction to pop culture has been that they are conclusively no longer human. They can’t speak. They can’t avoid danger. They can’t use tools. They can’t hide and wait until your back is turned. They can’t organize and design an effective plan of attack. They can’t conserve their energy. They can’t defend themselves. Translation? Make sure there are none hiding in your house and then just shut your doors and windows. That’s literally all you ever need to do.

    Zombies could pile up against the sort of door used as the main entry in a home or building but it probably wouldn’t do much good as those doors are designed to keep people out. Zombies have no muscular strength or logic to organize “1… 2… 3… push!” so it would be long, sustained light pressure on your front door. I think by the time that loosely assembled plan came together for the zombies (if it ever did), you would’ve had more than enough opportunity to slip out the back door and drive anywhere else in the country.

    Put it this way: how many able-minded criminals have broken into your residence when the doors were locked? Take it back another step: how many ANIMALS have outsmarted you enough to enter your house? And zombies are conclusively dumber and less capable than both of those groups. Our whole world is already full of objects erected to keep things apart — anybody who didn’t have brainpower or muscular ability enough to use a sledgehammer or turn a door knob would have endless amounts of trouble breaching these barriers. And that’s before you factor in people nailing two-by-fours across every entrance, piling up sandbags along the sidewalk, and buying tank spikes from the Army surplus store (I already have a line of credit there, just in case).

    If you’re going to take over the world, you need to at least be as smart as my dog. Zombies don’t make that cut.

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Call of duty doesnt lie!

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