• Aliens do exist. The universe is too big for them not to.

    If life can exist in inhospitable conditions, it can exist almost anywhere. A good example would be bacteria. Bacteria have been seen in the Challenger Deep, near volcanoes, in SPESS, and everywhere in between. In fact, there may be life on Titan, as there is a lot of water there.
    So let's go purge those foul xenos for the Emperor!

  • It would be enough evidence in a court of law to execute someone

    Yes. We have been visited. As a child i saw a disc with several witnesses. There is a lot of BS mixed in with a lot of really credible information. Modern videos unfortunately dont count for much, but some older examples do. Its the whiteness stories by credible people that amaze me and keep me interested in finding the truth. One day maybe

  • They do, they cross the border all the time and we keep sending them back.

    All humor aside. Yes. Extra terrestrial life forms can exist. There is no evidence that they do, so the answer is not a definitive yes. It's only a yes to the fact that they can exist. We can't say for sure that they don't so we can only say that they can exist. I use to believe that we were alone on this comfy planet but with gathering evidence proving otherwise it's becoming more definitive.

  • It Would Appear to be Inevitable

    Life is emergent from chemistry. Little more than a self-catalyzing reaction with heredity. Life will likely arise on a much wider variety of worlds than just those in our damp "habitable zone". Similarly, intelligence is emergent from life. Give it long enough and a living system gets delusions of sentience and starts pondering the great questions such as the cause of the universe, the meaning of life and what happens to the socks that don't come out of the drier.

  • What are the chances of us being the only ones in the universe?

    The universe is quite large, and even as I type, it is still expanding. There are an estimated 300 billion stars in the Milky way, most of which bear at least a single planet. There are (according to recent Hubble discoveries) at least 500 billion galaxies in the KNOWN universe. Most definitely a lot of planets and life!

    As for intelligence of the local life, there are 8 planets in our solar system, 1 of which is known to have intelligent life. Earth's intelligent life (being humans) could be rare (shall we say, 1 in a billion planets with intelligent life?) but even with chances that low, there still are many planets in the milky way, let alone (more than) trillions of planets in the universe.

    The real question is: Will intelligent aliens contact us?

  • Aliens do not exist.

    I would know because I have a Phd. Also, I was born on a planet far far away and I am a human just like all of my friends here on Earth. After I was born, I flew to earth on a spaceship and found that I was exactly like everyone else. It turns out that I was just a human born on a different planet with a lot of other humans.

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