Do you think that all convicted felons should be able to vote upon being released?

  • Yes, I think all convicted felons should be allowed to vote upon being released.

    I think after a convicted felon has been released they have served their debt to society and should be welcomed back to it, I think continuing to punish them but taking away their right to vote is unfair and in a way continues to punish them long after they had served their debt.

  • Felons should be able to vote

    Felons that have been released from prison should be able to vote. The point of prison is that person that breaks the law repays their debt to society. Felons that have completed punishment should be treated like citizens of America. Voting can help these people with their rehabilitation into normal society.

  • Yes, convicted felons should be able to vote upon release.

    Imprisonment has a start date and an end date. The implication is that once you are released, you have paid your debt to society and can rejoin your fellow man. Rescinding the right to vote is a reminder to felons that though we have released them they are still not one of us. It is yet another reminder (along with their inability to find work and housing) that we don't want them. Will we be surprised if they commit another crime when we have made it so plain that they are not welcome among us?

  • Yes They Should

    I believe all convicted felons should be able to vote upon being released. I think the law that stops these people from voting is unfair and it undermines democracy. These are the people who have been directly affected by the laws set forth by government and then the are not allowed to participate in democracy. It makes no sense.

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