• Major Stores Overcharge Customers to Raise Their Profits

    All major stores overcharge their customers. It is well known that the profit margin is extremely high for major stores, and all these stores have to be competitive with one another. If one store drastically undercut all other stores, this would either drive these other stores out of business or force them to match prices. However there seems to be an agreement not to do this so that all these stores can overcharge and increase their end-line profits.

  • Yes I do

    I think all major stores overcharge their customers. Companies today care about their bottom lines more than they do their customers or their workers. I think sales are only getting items back to what they should be priced at. I think anything sold at regular price is technically overcharging customers.

  • Profits show this.

    The way the corporation laws are set up they kind of have to. They are being pressured to show year over year growth, with no expectation growth will ever stop. So, by law, they need to make the most profit they can. If you think they won't over charge to make this happen, think again.

  • It's about convenience

    A great example of overcharging is soda, which costs just cents to produce, but costs dollars to purchase. If you only look at raw materials when considering the purchase, everything is overcharged by definition -- no reasonable person would charge less for a product than the cost of the materials used to make it. But that's why all purchases are also paying for the service of convenience. In the soda example, people could theoretically make their own soda at home, but it's much easier (and preferable) to spend a few extra bucks for the convenience of a ready-to-go product.

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