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  • No, they are not.

    As cool and awesome as it would be for them to be based on a UFO sighting, their likely has not been a UFO on earth ever or at least not in the times of humans. The distance in space is so vast it would be a hard thing to assume another species had the technology to travel across the stars, and if they did why would they care about earth?

  • I think not

    What is ancient religion anyway,and if there is an answer to that what UFO has been made public for there to be visions made by them. if UFOs are real no real proof is been possibly shown to support this hypothesis so therefore i do not think of such possibility.

  • They are people trying to explain.

    No, I do not think that ancient religions are based from UFO visions, because I think that people were either just trying to come up with ways to explain the world that they say, or they were high on drugs. The true religion, Christianity, was inspired by God, and He sent messages for his religion.

  • No, I really do not.

    I think that if all ancient religions were based on UFC sightings or visions, they would be much more similar. But the gods change in appearance and behavior depending on your geographic location. It is a possibility that UFOs visited the earth in ancient times, but I doubt the ubiquitous rise of faith was because of this.

  • No, ancient religions are not based on UFO visions.

    I do not believe that ancient religions are based on UFO visions. There is not enough evidence to suggest that the planet Earth as been visited by UFOs or intelligent lifeforms from other planets. I think that while it's interesting to ponder such possibilities, such theories are without any kind of merit.

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