Do you think that Andrea Dworkin was right in criticizing pornography?

  • Yes, I think she was correct to criticize it.

    I'm not sure that I agree with all that Andrea Dworkin said in criticizing pornography. For example, she felt it was a cause of rape and violence against women. That being said, I feel that porn does objectify women. It takes away their humanity and turns them into objects of desire. It definitely does nothing to benefit women, and turns them into sex objects instead of thinking, intelligent beings.

  • No I don't

    I do not think that Andrea Dworkin was right in criticizing pornography because pornography is actually a natural expression of human sexuality. It is just the way it is. Many of the people who put judgment on it are those who watch it in secret. It is legal and if people want to do it they should.

  • Dworkin was just a bitter woman.

    Andrea Dworkin was nothing more than an ugly chick with the ability to write and speak eloquently. But like most ugly chicks before and after her, she was still bitter that many of the men she met in her life preferred an evening of porn over and evening with her. Her criticisms were personal in nature, and therefore invalid.

  • She is entitled to her opinion.

    Although Andrea Dworkin has a right to her opinion, I do not believe she was "right" in criticizing pornography. Pornography does not lead to rape nor does it lead to violence against women. Pornography can actually be a physically and healthy outlet. Dworkin is considered a radical. She does not need to push her ideology onto other people.

  • Andrea Dworkin was not right in criticizing pornography.

    Andrea Dworkin was not right in criticizing pornography. This is very one-sided view of how one woman feels. Her comments and work should not be taken seriously and she was not right in criticizing pornography. Just because something bad happened in her life then she should not feel angry at the rest of the world.

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