• Believing in the impossible, means believing anything is possible" -Andy Kaufman

    Look deep into the Andy Kaufman archives on the internet. Search for Andy Kaufman faked his death and other such puzzlementary truths. You will find an amazing rabbithole about the man on the moon who was found in the funhouse! Keep looking. You will find the running man in comment sections all across the internations of this Flat Earth of Kaufman Lives phenomena. Its worth reading the greatest story ever told in a surreal book of illusion delusion solution! Also, you will notice just how perfectly timed Tony Clifton shows will pop up as Kaufman news heats up!

  • Taking goofing on Elvis to the next level

    It's not uncommon for high profile celebs to die and then for rumours to persist about their death being faked. Thats fans wishing they were still alive. The crucial difference with Andy Kaufman is that he talked, extensively and in well documented form about how and when he would fake his own death, and then he "died" in circumstances very similar to that. Look into it, its compelling.

  • Andy Kaufman Faked His Death

    KaufCast podcast and the Stephen Maddox Google hangouts tell you everything you need to know about Andy Kaufman Faking his death. Even the Huffington Post interviewed Bob Pagani about it, who introduced Andy Kaufman to his friend Alan Abel, who successfully faked his death. You can find his New York Times obituary online somewhere. Also, the movie Kaufman Lives, will explain everything you need to know.

  • He loved theater

    Andy Kaufman absolutely loved theater and being the star of the show. I can't imagine him missing his own death and funeral so I do believe he originally faked his own death so that he could see how everyone reacted to it. It was probably his biggest and best performance ever, and of course, obviously, his last.

  • Andy Kaufman did not fake his own death.

    Andy Kaufman did not fake his own death. He was a comedian and often joked about the issue that he would soon fake his own death and come back years later but he died in 1984. His brother watched him die and even the lab released his death certificate. There were rumors but I believe he has passed away.

  • No it's a hoax

    Andy Kaufman's brother appeared with a letter purporting to be from Andy, and a woman claiming to be his daughter. and later said he was the victim of a hoax. Andy Kaufman died in 1984 at Cedars Sinai from lung cancer. His death certificate viewable on line. He was interred in New York.

  • It was a real death.

    No, I don't think that Andy Kaufman had faked his own death. He was a good performance artist, but there's too much information out there that confirms the man has been dead for over 30 years now. It's just hard for some people to accept, because you don't expect a man in his prime to get cut down like that.

  • Andy Kaufman Dead

    Without a doubt, Any Kaufman is dead and did not fake his own death. The fact of the matter is that Kaufman died exactly how the coroner stated he did. This famous figure did not pull of some elaborate scheme to free himself by faking his own untimely death recently.

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