Do you think that arson risk is increased in families connected to gangs?

  • Crime Cuts Deep

    The fact that many gangs find their members in small neighborhoods means that many of the people they recruit are still strongly connected with the ir family. There is hatred in theses groups and the violence between them causes such hurt and pain. Arson is common, and can be something that destroys the people who are connected.

  • Yes, any crime is increased.

    I think that whenever a family is tied to a gang that any crime risk is escalated fast and at a large rate. Whenever you agree to join a gang, you put at risk your life, and your entire personal life along with it. This means defiinite danger for you.

  • Yes It Is

    I believe that a risk of arson does increase for families connected to gangs. Arson is something that is usually used as a form of revenge and when families become interconnected with gang members they are often dragged into the lifestyle as well. Arson can be used for punishment to other or opposing gang members.

  • Increases all harm

    I think when a person is involved in a gang their whole family is opened up to dangers of all kinds including arson. Arson is a way to harm and a person and the people that they love in order to get back at someone or to get rid of evidence.

  • One has nothing to do with the other

    No, I do not think that arson risk is increased in families connected to gangs. I do not believe that one has an effect on the other in any way. Shooting and drugs may be increased, but arson is not a thought in the process. I think it would be a coincidence if arson came with gang connection.

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