Do you think that artificial intelligence (AI) could become more intelligent than man, and find them, humans, as a threat?

Asked by: Sciguy
  • Under a circumstance.

    I do believe that man shall create an artificial intelligence that will categorize us as a threat to the world and find the only option to fix the "problem" as by eradication.

    I think this will be because we will find that AI is an option that can help us and could never hinder us. However this will render man useless likely in the views of the AI.

    I will explain further to those later, I must be going.

  • It could be possible.

    It could very well be possible that artificial intelligence could eventually turn out to be more intelligent then us and see us as inferior for that same reason. People who see animals as inferior already look at animals as if they are below humans so why wouldn't AI that is capable at doing everything we can and much more see us as the same? Clearly this event is far from happening because we have yet to create an artificial intelligence capable of such a thing but I still think the technological singularity is something not to take likely when we get closer to that point.

  • No it won't.

    What people constantly FAIL to understand is that AI/Robots are made by humans. Something made by a man cannot possibly be more intelligent than one. A computer is a metal box with a few gold wires, a vulgar invention. Man is much more complicated.

    They'll never be able to be a threat.

  • Ai is a simulation of intelligence.

    Ai can never actually achieve intelligence just the illusion of it. It is no different than a person who can memorize an encyclopedia. They have vast amounts of data at there finger tips but No understanding of them, no potential for creativity and no ability to form original ideas. Sure am ai could decide we are a threat given that this concept is well known. I really don't think we would have a problem defeating them though. There actions would be highly predictable while they would struggle to anticipate our actions if they could at all.

  • Ai could be more intelligent

    Humans could program an ai that could organise, understand and communicate you would just need a lot of time. I believe ai could very well become more intelligent than humans but they do lack one key thing... Emotion. If ai's don't have any emotion then they won't be able to wage war against humans. If they have no sense of anger then they won't be compelled to fight. Also because ai's aren't unique in any way then they would not be able to form a civalisation to then fight humans. In addition to that ai's are programmed to obey humans so were the ones pulling the strings.

  • We have abilities robots do not...

    Us humans will always be more clever and have the ability to manipulate so, we are a threat to ourselves in many ways. We can problem solve. We are more complicated than any computer on this Earth; In terms of the way that humans work. Plus, the people who make these things know how to destroy them.

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