Do you think that athletes should be paid more than government officials?

  • I had a better year.

    Years ago when it was pointed out to Babe Ruth that he made twice as much as the President of the United States, he replied, "I had a better year." Now while this may evoke a laugh or two, it follows in a free enterprise society upon which our capitalistic system is based that we would ask ourselves similar questions. Who do we value with our support and our willingness to participate either as a spectator at events or as a voter. Since our participation rate is abhorent as a voting public, we get what we pay for. Until the masses decide that they will not support multi million dollar athletes by staying away from the turnstiles, then the argument as to who "should" get more is moot.

  • Athletes Deserve More Pay than Government Officials

    Government officials are paid by the federal government while athletes are paid by private entities. Therefore, the latter deserves more pay than the former because that's how the capitalist market works in today's world. An athlete working for a private company will always make more than a government official after all.

  • Compare Their Roles . . .

    Athletes entertain, and that's worth money. Government officials frustrate, waste, corrupt and lie. Their biggest concern is their own re-election. That's not worth money. I know - not all politicians are bad, but those who aren't are statistically negligible. It's easy to understand the frustrations people feel on both sides of the argument, but in a basic head-to-head comparison, the victor is clear. Athletes make more? So be it. They're generally worth more to society than politicians.

  • Officials already make too much

    The average salary in congress according to about.Com is about $193,400. The average military pay for the military is $1,447.20 to $5,112.90 depending upon rank and years in service. The issue isn't how much the athletes make, the issue is the screwed up and morally wrong pay levels within out government.

  • Where are your priorities

    So what you all are saying is that the men and women out there who are risking and giving up there lives don't really matter as long as you get to watch football 4 months out of the year ... Well here ia news flash for you football has a season while those people are out there every day. Our government officials risk there integrity to make the right decisions (which they don't always do) and give us the freedom to be entertained. Where are your priorities America? What your saying is someone who saves lives such as a doctor who goes to college for 14 years should make $100,000 while an NFL player who went for three years should make over $20 million? Something is wrong here America help me fix it!

  • Sports players shouldn't be paid more than government officials.

    Do you REALLY think that our government officials should be payed less than, lets say a baseball player. So if you do you are basically saying that you care more about some stu[id sports game than about our government. If you argue and say, well I like to entertain my self by watching football, well then just play fantasy football if all I care.

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  • No they're both equally stupid

    Athletes do drugs, and politicians endorse it. Athletes yell at each other and use the blame thrower, and guess what politicians do too! Kim Jong Il likes basketball and golf. Athletes have a shorter life span than most people, and if anarchists have their way so will be the same with politicians. They're pretty much equal so they deserve equal pay.

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Logical.Assasinator says2013-12-03T14:01:10.423
Athletes should be paid less than governmental officials. Professional Athletes beyond the college level are being paid way too much. If we decreased the pay by 70 percent, we would have more room for governmental improvements if we diverted that money. If government officials were paid more, the USA may get much more done in terms of economic development and infrastructure development. College athletes, however, should be reimbursed in health benefits for the injuries they receive during playing sports and should be given a stipend that is to be used for medical benefits only. More importantly, athletes should be taught to budget their money appropriately.