• It is possible

    I don't necessarily think that it will threaten peace in Northern Ireland because there are a lot of allies that they can pull help from, but it is a legitimate security concern. I think that the threat needs to be taken seriously and that they should prepare to defend themselves.

  • To A Degree

    Given the fact that the Continuity Irish Republican Army is labeled as a terrorist group by the United Kingdom and the United States, I would have to assume that their attacks to threaten the peace in Northern Ireland. While they say they are for the unity of the country, their actions indicate otherwise.

  • Yes, the attacks by IRA will threaten peac in Northern Ireland.

    I definitely think that the attacks by the real and continuity IRA will threaten peace in Northern Ireland. I think that the region is already in a stage of turmoil that peace talks are a difficult tactic to attain their goals of peace. With the recent attacks, I think the possiblity of peace will be even more difficult.

  • Yes it will

    It will threaten the peace that is in Ireland. They will go down kind of quickly and the war will be a long drawn out process eventually. They are not promoting peace there is always a hidden agenda against a country that has an army that is ready to go to war.

  • Extremist IRA party members are a minimal threat.

    Attacks by the IRA will not threaten peace in Northern Ireland. The extremist IRA is now a minimal threat that does not have the potential to harm a lot of people as it used to. There are not a lot of people left who take violent action on these political thoughts. Peace is normally kept in Northern Ireland these days.

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