Do you think that being knowledgeable can be a burden?

Asked by: blackkid
  • Being smart is hard:

    There are two major downsides to being knowledgeable. The first comes from having to obey social cues when you know someone is wrong and about to make a horrible mistake but you actually cannot stop them because it be rude to do and you must allow them to continue on with their misinformation or poor understanding of concepts. The second comes from having to be the go-to person for error resolution or advice. Being a living reference book gets old fast for a lot of people and while many do enjoy being that source for the recognition a lot of people who are knowledgeable about specific things tend to lay low to avoid the scrutiny.

  • Yes of Course

    Half he people in this world know nothing about what they talk about. They do not research at all. They just go by what the TV or internet tells them. Then they selectively pick and choose positions. The simply fool themselves because ignorance is bliss. When people's illusions are shattered, they fear greatly. Look at 9/11. Nothing makes sense about the official story. Titanium black boxes are destroyed but paper passports survive. This is crazy. But people believe that paper is now stronger than titanium because they cannot bear the thought that they are living a lie.

  • The More you know the more you don't know

    Knowledge can make you realise how ignorant we all actually are - how we are all being lied to consistently, that we are slaves of a capitalistic society maybe?

    Obviously, this is just how we perceive things. But from reading, or seeing things ourselves we all build our own picture of how life is, but but knowing this extra information it can make you worry.

    Do you never fear what could happen to you in the future?
    Do you know how many genocides there have been? - How many millions of people have been wiped out for no reason?
    They say that we use the past to prevent the same mistake in the future, yet it was not the Nazi Regime whom invented the concentration camp.

    It is this kind of knowledge that I find a burden. We could all be under threat and have no idea.

  • It Can Be

    Being knowledgeable can potentially be a tremendous blessing, but I would think that it also can be a burden. Understanding the world around you is never negative, but I can't imagine how it would feel to have knowledge and no capacity to use it. Alternatively, sometimes ignorance is bliss. For example: if you were to know the precise moment that you would die, sure, it would allow you to prepare yourself, but do you think that you could handle the immense stress that would accompany?

  • Everyone thinks they are "smart".

    How many "smart objects" do you posses or rent? Now I am a smarty pants, I can push the button and make things happen! Whoop de effin doo! People that believe they are not smart, are probably more truthful then those that spout out factoids other smarty pants invented. They are just fools.

  • Yes, of Course

    Being knowledgable can, of course, have positive impact. You're able to see aforementioned knowledge to really see the world in it's cruel beauty, find a solution to the problems, and fix them. However, not a lot of people can act on their desires to "heal the world," because the world is not a perfect place where all problems can be solved with a snap of their fingers. There is a metaphorical cake that you can't eat, per say, and that frustrates a lot of people, which is why a lot of intelligent people can be depressed. Because they see today's society's problems and are powerless to do anything. There's a reason why ignorance is bliss. If you're not questioning anything, and staying in the dark, then you can be happy.

  • Compared to what? On Average I'd say no

    If we are getting into ridiculous technicalities, then being extremely attractive, rich, gifted, etc can also possess "burdens" by having to either be a strong and limited form of identity, requiring effort to maintain, or be to be called upon by society.

    Considering that knowledgeable people more often than not live with more comfort and resources than those with less, and that countries with more knowledgeable people are generally more prosperous than countries with less, then I'd say the positives alone carry more weight than the negatives.

    Also you guys vastly underestimate the negatives of ignorance and the basic fear of the unknown. Not going to write a novel, but knowing that lighting/thunder are the result of relatively harmless atmospheric conditions vs something living (and angry) can be the difference between paralyzing fear and complete indifference, main reason why more children are afraid of lighting than adults.

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