Do you think that being named the editor-at-large of Time magazine in 2010 was a stepping stone for Fareed Zakaria?

  • It is a huge career move.

    Yes, I think that being named the editor-at-large of Time magazine in 2010 was a stepping stone for Fareer Zakaria, because he will now have a tremendous amount of prestige and honor. The decisions he makes and the direction in which he takes the magazine, will literally be a part of history.

  • Yes it was

    Yes, it was a huge stepping stone for him to be made the editor at large of this magazine, since it is probably the biggest magazine in the world, and he will be one of the main people that are in charge of how it is put together, a huge step.

  • Yes, I think it was a stepping stone for Fareed Zakaria

    Because Time Magazine is widely known and very popular magazine being named to a prominate and important position at the magazine opens doors to you from all over, eventually he was able to land a TV show on CNN that he most likely would not have had if he had not held this prominate position.

  • Yes being named the editor at large was a stepping stone.

    I believe that every move we make is a stepping stone to the next event in life. When Fareed Zakaria was named editor at large of Time magazine this was just a small step to the next move in his life. Our lives are defined by our past experiences and one great experience like that opens many new doors in the future.

  • It had to be

    Fareed Zakaria now hosts his own show on CNN and touches a whole different audience thanks to the notoriety he gained with TIME, of course something as significant as that would help his career take off even more. While his presentation on CNN isn't always the most enthralling there's no doubting there's a very smart man in there, it's not surprising people noticed.

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