Do you think that Bernie Sanders' plans for if he is elected President are unrealistic?

  • We're in enough debt already

    Here's the thing. Sanders' plans cost money. A lot of money. $18 trillion to be exact. His proposed taxes on the so-called 1% and corporations will not cover it. He's admitted in interviews that his plans will necessitate tax raises across the board. Besides, the government is already spending much more money than it takes in. We're borrowing money from other countries at disgusting rates and then borrowing more money in order to pay it back. The only reason anyone lends us money at all is because we've so far been very good at paying it back on time, But last I checked, we're $21 trillion in debt. Our situation is not indefinitely sustainable, and as soon as we miss a payment, our loan supply is getting cut off. When that happens, we face economic collapse. What we need more than anything is for a team of accountants and economists to look over the federal and state budgets and cut out the wasteful spending. Once we do that, we can start working on reducing the national debt. It'll take a while, but we can eliminate it. I'd wager that just by cutting frivolous spending, we could start paying our debts back without having to increase taxes or cut funding to vital services. And once our debt is eliminated, the economy will skyrocket. Suddenly, our spending power jumps up while our (for lack of a better term) cost of living remains the same. Then we could talk about some of the social programs that Sanders is proposing. But right now, more government spending is one of the worst things we could do. People always cite countries like Sweden for being highly socialized and working fine. Well Sweden wasn't facing crippling debt when they instituted those policies and their tax rates are absolutely through the roof because of how much their social programs cost.

    Posted by: Adze
  • Disconnected with Economic Reality

    Bernie Sanders clearly doesn't understand even the basics of commonly accepted economic theory. But without getting into all of that, why on earth would we support someone who wants to turn America into France? Adjusted for taxes, Americans make over double what French people do. America has been prosperous because we have been free. Most of our struggles can be blamed on big government, with taxes and regulations costing more than food, shelter, clothing, and medical care. Read that again. We spend more on government than we do on nearly all of the essentials of life. In other words, our government is a huge, costly mess. We've tried Bernie's vision and it hasn't worked. It's time to return to the free-market, small government, personal liberty values on which this nation was founded.

  • Bernie Sanders' Plans are Unrealistic

    Although I support Bernie Sanders and agree with him on a lot of policies, I think that his plans are unrealistic given the current political climate in this country. For instance, Sanders supports free college tuition. Getting such a measure approved in a partisan Congress that fights for the sake of fighting does not seem like it would go through.

  • We don't want socialism

    They say that those who don't study the past are doomed to repeat it. Apparently millennials haven't studied the horrors of socialism, because they all seem to support it. However, there are still baby boomers and the generations after them in this society, and they will be enough to stop Sanders from fully imposing socialism on the United States.

  • Everything is impossible until someone does them

    We need strong and swift reforms in this country and having someone who is willing to roll up their sleeves and push the needle forward is long over due. Bernie Sanders may not be able to get it all done but getting things started is the hardest first step. We are disproportionately incarcerating poor, disenfranchised people at an alarming rate. That has to change immediately. Kids are coming out of college so buried in debt they can barely afford to pay rent. None of this helps society. If the incarcerated people were out working they could reach for the American Dream and pay into the system. Students would stop defaulting on their student loans, adding more into the tax rolls. Everything has a domino effect. Helping the people at the bottom climb up the socio-economic ladder helps all of us.

  • No they aren't

    No they aren't, countries have turned communist before and have destroyed all forms of morality, patriotism,capitalism, freedom, etc.
    Bernie Sanders is a communist by the way, this is america, there is no place for commies here, if I remember correctly we sent them all to Guantanamo, he he, yeah, that's how you run a country!

  • Words Into Action Are Possible with Support

    The only way that any of his plans could be unrealistic were if congress were to be uncooperative with him if he were to become president. So much can be done if we can get past our extreme bipartisan ideals and start caring about the public more than capitalistic ideals. Many countries that report high levels of happiness have a more socialistic government. Anything is possible as long as there is cooperation and compromise.

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Fernyx says2016-02-17T15:49:48.227
No, the rich will leave the country. If you make 1 billion a year and are taxed 45% you would lose 450 million. Now, if you move to one of the Virgin Islands spending 5 mil on a house, you lose 5 million and don't have to pay further income tax. This means it would be a lot more beneficial to move there as you would save 445 million. The rich are smart enough to realize this and they will do it. Also if they want they could say they are living there but reside in their New York house and still never be taxed. This was proven when the French tried to raise taxes, high income housing in Sweden doubled in price as the rich started to move there, yet the rich would still reside in their French homes. The problem with his plan is eventually you run out of the rich peoples' money, or rich people in general as they move. When this happens, you have to tax the middle class heavy, then the poor. Eventually you run out of other peoples' money.