• Bilingual people are needed for jobs.

    Absolutely. Regardless of how angry white conservatives feel about it, the simple fact of the matter is that the United States is now a bilingual nation. People who are fluent in both Spanish and English have become highly desirable employees. If you are in the medical profession, such fluency is almost mandatory now.

  • For The Right Languages

    I believe bilingual people are desirable in most professions, but their overall desirability is really going to depend on the languages they know and where they are located. Within America there are many places that will absolutely hire anyone that can speak fluent Spanish and English. But if your bilingual languages are French and English, you're not going to be any more desirable than someone who only speaks English.

  • Bilingual is desirable

    People that are able to speak bilingual are in high demand for jobs. Employers want to find people that can speak english and spanish in order to serve the most consumers. This is especially true in border states where there are many hispanics that live there. It is wise to learn two languages.

  • Yes, Bilingual is A plus.

    Being bilingual is a great tool in this day and age. Actually you have a better chance of getting a job that requires you being bilingual .If you are fluent in other than English, you could work for the banks. Some Employers not hesitate to prefer bilingual in job posting.

  • Bilingual people are desirable in most job professions.

    Bilingual people are desirable in most job professions. Most job industries these days look for bilingual employees because they can interact with a lot more people then the normal English speaking person. If you speak more than one language it looks good to an employer and your chances of getting the job improves.

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