Do you think that Bruno Bettelheim was really a psychotic control freak?

  • All psychiatrists are damaged goods.

    Yeah, actually. I do think that Bruno Bettelheim was a psychotic control freak. That's because I've had the misfortune of knowing several psychiatrists both professionally and personally. If there's one constant among all of them, it's that sooner or later they all use their training to play sick mind games on the people in their lives.

  • Bettelheim was a fraud and control freak.

    Bettelheim and Freud have several commonalities. Primary of which is their unfortunate impact on people who followed their misguided missives. While Freud gave us the ID and claimed that boys wanted sex with their mothers, Bettelheim convinced mothers throughout the country that their cold, refrigerator-like behaviors created autism in their children. He was accused of extreme violence against his students. He further besmirched his own name by claiming to have a doctorate in psychology which he, in fact, did not hold. The man was a control freak and history has well demonstrated his remarkable failings.

  • Something wasn't right

    Bettelheim's theories about autism have been thoroughly discredited. That aside, reports of his behavior towards patients and students included screaming fits, corporal punishment, and verbal threats. If "psychotic" is synonymous with insane, mad, demented or deranged, his reported behavior seems to fit the bill. His students reportedly lived in terror of him and how he treated them.

  • No, he was trying to cure chldren with primitive methods

    Bruno Bettelheim believed that autism was largely due to
    parenting that did not allow children to make connections to their family. His
    theory of the refrigerator mother was widely hailed in his lifetime, but is less
    universally valued now. Also, after Dr. Bettelheim’s suicide, many of his
    former patients came forward to declare him a tyrant. They told tales of being
    screamed at, humiliated and subjected to corporal punishment. Modern theories
    find biological causes for autism, so it is hard to see how Dr. Bettelheim’s
    methods could ever have worked.

  • He was just serious about his work.

    No, I do not think that Bruno Bettelheim was really a psychotic control freak, because I think that he was just a psychologist who cared deeply about his work. Bettelheim made many advances in the theories that relate to child psychology. It makes sense that he was serious about his work. He was not trying to be annoying or controlling, he just wanted to advance his studies.

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