• It's all good business

    People have this very eschewed view that businesses were setup as these moral organizations that value their workers no matter what. That may be true, but regardless, all businesses, no matter who they are and what they do, have one sole purpose: to make money. It's as simple as that. If a business could send jobs overseas where there is virtually no regulation on them, there's plenty of willing labor and they can pay their employees cheap wages, would a business choose that over a nation who continues to make stricter regulations on businesses due to a notion that big business is bad, has a population who either does not want to work or feels like a factory job is beneath them, and cannot do anything without getting hounded by unions, lobbyists, politicians, the media, etc.? I know what I would choose.

  • Yes, every man for themselves.

    Yes, but also it is the responsibility of all of us to support Americans producers and be prepared to pay more for quality local products which support local families rather than save a few dollars buying cheap second rate imported products that send our needed money out of the country.

  • Business sending jobs overseas is fair

    For business to survive and make money, they need to do everything possible to make a profit. Unfortunately, that now means shipping jobs overseas where they can pay less money for things to be done. It is up to the individual business to decide if their loyalty to their current workers in more important than the bottom line profit.

  • They can't afford to keep them.

    Yes, I think that businesses sending jobs overseas is fair, because we are all one universe. If two people in India can have jobs for the price of only one person having the job in the United States, the people in India will be able to give their families a better life.

  • No It's Not

    I do not believe businesses send jobs overseas to be fair to anyone. Businesses did this to skip regulations and minimum wages within the United States. There's always someone willing to work for less, or in some cases, next to nothing. Businesses are being socially irresponsible when they do these things. Not everything in this world should be about making a profit.

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