• Yes, Cancer treatments are too expensive.

    From the point of view of the patient, yes, cancer treatments are too expensive. But, then, all medical treatments are too expensive these days. It is accepted that the salaries of medical personal and overhead of facilities must be factored into the cost of cancer treatments. The costs of cancer treatment drugs and/or equipment must also be included. Is it necessary for the treatments to each be so expensive? Probably not, but they are.

  • They are definitely too expensive

    Cancer treatments should not be just for the insured or the wealthy. Because treatments are cost prohibitive many people lose their lives every year. Something is extremely wrong with that. In a country as affluent as ours that should not be happening. We can and should do better. Everyone should have access to decent healthcare.

  • Yes, I think so.

    Cancer drugs are outrageously expensive; but they are worth every penny—— right?
    When you pay a lot for something, you want it to be great. This is true of a new car, a new computer, a new pair of shoes—but it doesn’t seem to be true for cancer drugs. So, the efficacy of most cancer drugs is minimal and may be less in the real world. How do we then explain why they are already so ridiculously expensive and increasing in cost at a rate of 10% a year . Cancer drugs now routinely cost more than 100,000 dollars for one year of treatment

  • Yes, cancer treatments are too expensive.

    Cancer treatments are too expensive. Cancer is a frightening disease and it has touched the lives of almost everyone on the earth. Cancer can be a sad time and paying outlandish prices in hopes that your cancer will go away is not fair. I think that all medical and pharmaceuticals should be relatively inexpensive and should be provided to all.

  • Not too expensive

    It is appropriately expensive based on the amount of research and the cost of production of the medicine. Cancer is a very complex disease and treating it is not a simple process. Therefore the medicine is going to be expensive but that is to be understood. Think about it as buying a very expensive piece for your car, it is expensive because it is the most complex and involved.

  • No I do not

    No, I do not believe that cancer treatments are way too expensive. Cancer is a very bad disease, and is very hard to cure. Their has to be a lot of scientific study to see if the treatment will work properly, and cure the exact cancer they designed it for. All that research is expensive, and they use some of the cost of the treatment to pay the scientists that develop the cure.

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