Do you think that Carlos Latuff can be fairly described as an anti-Semite?

  • He could not be targeted as an anti semitic,

    But he has a very big lack of knowledge about the Israeli Palestinian conflict, the typical lack of knowledge of western leftists suggested by their hate. Israel has NO apartheid and Israel never kill for fun. Israelis never stab palestinian guys while they're sleeping or walking on the streets. He also deny the Israel's right of existence by drawing Palestine as an older entity and Israel as a land thief. And, as MLK said: anti Zionism is Antisemitism.

  • Demonization is his thing

    Latuff depicts Israeli soldiers as jack - booted Nazis who go around shooting Palestinians for no reason. He never shows the 200 suicide bombers, the incitement to Jew-hatred in schools or mosques. He acts as though Palestinians are all innocent or justified no matter what tactics they use, even murder.

  • He attended a Holocaust Cartoon Contest

    I don't even say anything on this. The man's cartoons are littered with modern twists on old anti-Semitic libels, not the mention the comparison of the victims of the Holocaust to Palestinians is completely inaccurate. If it were true, there would be no Palestinians left, but when can we expect from a typical western leftist?

  • Looking at his art, it seems so

    He has drawn a variety of cartoons with Anti-Zionist themes. As a political cartoonist, that seems to be a favorite theme and he certainly does not seem to hold Israel, Jewish leaders, or Jewish people in high regard. Just because he's critical, doesn't make him and anti-Semite. He claims that his cartoons focus on Israel as a political entity and not on the Jewish people. Overall, the sheer quantity of anti-Israel work seems to somewhat refute that.

  • His cartoons reflect it.

    Yes, Carlos Latuff can fairly be described as an anti-Semite, because his political cartoons often contain anti-Zionist content. Latuff himself even says that his works are intended to be this way and that his cartoons are meant to be provocative. His tops are often anti-American as well as anti-Israel, so he can fairly be described as anti-Semite.

  • Jews and world's madness

    Poors jews, They are victims of certain jewish activists. Where is the holocaust. Shoah is a modern world. Why educated and skilled germans built so small rooms to kill millions and millions of people? To keep the project secret? Near the hospitals of the camps? Stop joking I'm LOL

  • I don't think so

    I don't think that you are an anti-semite if you are against the policies that Israel has implemented that have hurt the Palestianians. I don't think he is focusing on their religion or even ethnicity, but their country's policies that are destructive in nature. I think that we all can learn from that.

  • Carlos Latuff is not an anti-semite

    Carlos Latuff is not an anti-Semite, he is an anti- zionist. His cartoons are usually negative towards Israel and Israeli leaders, not individual Jewish people. He is a clear supporter of Palestine in the conflict between Israel and Palestine, and his cartoons reflect this support. On occasion his cartoons can be insensitive, especially towards the Holocaust, but he is trying to make a point about political conditions in Palestine.

  • Anti-Zionism is NOT Anti-Semitism

    Carlos Latuff is a political cartoonist and activist in favor of the Palestinian state who rails against the increasingly violent and imperialist Israeli state who has been called by his critics anti-semitic for the perfectly reasonable suggestion that the country of Israel hides behind historical Jewish oppression to justify their warmongering and encroachment on Palestinian territory. He's not an anti-Semite, he's an activist.

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