• It's totally unfair!

    I think the celebrities are making too much money. And not in a good way at all. For example, an average American income is $40000 a year, and they are making that in half a week, may be just in one night sitting and answering questions about their life. Secondly, why should a person who is just good at singing or may be pretending to be others or kicking at a ball earn in a week than a doctor who helps to save a life and cure diseases, a fireman who pulls people from burning buildings, a policeman who is responsible for maintaining the peaceful of this world do in several years? While the job which requires the ability to save a life is much more important than the job which just helps in entertaining lives. Some people say that at least they help...Well do you want your children to be people with very low IQ standing on the stage and have many pulls with what they say, just because they were born with it, and were able to become rich? Of course there are always the ones who show their generosity by charity and giving the poors. But there are also the ones who use their money to go to bars and have fun every night. In this situation, Justin Bieber case is the clearest example. And then there was a person who told me that they deserve to do whatever they want with their money, they earned it after all. Oh really? Actually they just have to sing a song, maybe play a certain role in a movie. The jobs may be tough sometimes, like they have to remain their images with the audiences, go on diets and work hard. But think, diets and their images are the things they have to do, that much money worth. And don't forget, no matter what job you choose, you always have to work hard. After all, their jobs aren't that tough. In general, it's just sad because their are the people in this world really need money and deserve it, and the celebrities get majority of it, and we just sit, watch and deprive it.

  • Celebrities make too much

    Celebrities make too much money but I do not think the government should take any money away from them. They live in a bubble in Hollywood and do not know how normal people live and struggle to buy things. People should not focuse on celebrities as much and then they would not make as much money.

  • Yes, just look at athletes.

    Considering athletes as celebrities, there is far too much income going towards professional athletes than necessary. These people are making millions of dollars per year for playing a sport and essentially having fun. There are disadvantages, but they get to opt out of college to entertain and have fun making millions.

  • Yes, they do.

    To be fair, a celebrity is generally a key selling point for whatever they are in, but there are people in for instance, the movie business who work much harder but get only a fraction of the pay. The problem is that they have gotten away with huge pay checks because our culture wants them to be in certain things. This cuts the pay of everyone else involved to much.

  • Depending on what the celebrity actually does

    I must answer this question with a yes and no. This depends on what the celebrity actually does. So celebrities do more than others and may deserve more money than other. Some celebrities dedicate their all their time to entertaining people and have no time for other activities such as work. They also are subject ridicule from everyone. Some of them earn their pay.

  • Yes, celebrities in general make too much money

    There are many celebrities that make a very substantial amount of money. The top celebrities can potentially become billionaires just for making movies and television shows. Whether or not this is too much money is subjective, but I do believe that on average many celebrities do make too much money.

  • Celebrities are like commodities in themselves and we keep them rich

    Most of the arguments presented here wrongly equate hard work with deserved income. Many celebrities hardly do anything or 'have fun' as some say but the general public decides to pay them, business endorse them, and we buy their products because they're popular not for how much hard work they do. A child labourer might work hours on end to create a ball and get 50 cents a day whilst a football star can sign million dollar contracts, why? Because of the law of value. If we were real who would pay more than £15 to buy a ball unless its made by a renowned ball maker? Value equates to wealth not hard work and people just happen to be more valued than others.

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