Do you think that children at risk of obesity during youth should have more special programs available to them?

  • Yes, we should stop this

    I think obesity is something that was an issue about 10 years ago,but now its been swept under the rug. It is still as bad if not worse, we need to step up our game and fix it. It's been pushed aside for good reason. The budget is really messed up, in time maybe we can help this or solve it.

  • Yes, Children at risk of obseity during youth should have more special programs available to them.

    If obesity can be prevented when a person is young then it will lead to that person not being obese or less obese as an adult. We should have special programs such as exercise and physical activity classes for children and teens. We should also have special nutrition classes for high risk children and teens and their parents.

  • Obesity is just a symptom.

    We need to focus on the cause of obesity, not obesity itself. If we change our diets, all of us and not just children, we can begin to do something about the obesity problem. Special programs may help fight obesity short term but long term the problem will still be unresolved.

  • No, every child should have the programs available.

    Every child is at risk for obesity or for some other mental or physical issues, so special programs that promote good nutrition along with exercise for body and mind should be available through the public schools. There is no way to isolate, except by looks, which kids are more at risk than others.

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