Do you think that children from wealthy and affluent households are less at risk for deviant behavior?

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  • No, I do not.

    I grew up in a relatively poor neighborhood, but only a few miles away there were rich kids. We had a different mindset and background, obviously, but I don't think the richer kids were any less deviant than we were. And, in many cases, a lot of them were very delusional.

  • They're worse than normal children.

    The debate question was obviously written by someone who has never spent time among the children of the rich and famous. They're little sociopaths, worse than the spawn of the bored suburban middle class. And what's more, they get away with their behavior (most of the time -- see Billionaire Boys Club for an exception) because Mommy and Daddy have the best legal help money can buy.

  • Children from affluent household are not less likely to behave deviantly.

    No, those who were raised in wealthy, affluent families are not less at risk for deviant behavior. In some regards, they may be equally at risk. But as we recently saw in the now infamous Texas "affluenza" court case, those raised in wealthy families may end up acting in a way that shows they think the law doesn't apply to them, and thus they may think they don't have to obey the laws as the rest of us do.

  • No They Aren't

    I do not believe children from wealthy and affluent households are less at risk for deviant behavior. I think these families are more likely to hide their children's indiscretions, but that does not mean they do not happen. Every child goes through a period of rebellion where they are likely to display deviant behavior. It doesn't matter where the child comes from.

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