Do you think that children's television should have commercial advertising of any sort?

  • Yes, they should have them

    How are you going to have revenues for the show? Kids consumer products are a huge boost for shows. You can't have a quality show, unless you have the revenue to back it. The government can't step in and pay for every kids show, those people need to eat as well.

  • It would not be profitable otherwise

    TV advertising is just like an other business, the bills have to be paid to keep the lights on and the water running. Commercials are how TV programs pay the bills, and children are a target market just as much as anyone else. Often parents will be watching along, so advertising can target them, and it's up to the parents in the end to take care of the kids.

  • Yes they should have ads.

    It is wrong for the sake of TV stations operating as a business for people to conclude that children's tv should not have any advertising, and that alone makes me believe there should be advertising. How could a group prevent someone from making money by selling advertising when advertising can almost never be proved to be successful.

  • It is fair.

    Yes, I think that children's television should have commercial advertising, because that is the only way that there is going to be any children's programming. Television stations have to recoup their costs to air the shows, and the only way that they can do that is by allowing advertising. They should only allow appropriate advertisements, though.

  • No children's television should not have commercials.

    They should not have commercials for a couple of reasons. One reason is because commercials break the attention spans of children watching television. Commercials are distractions for children. Another reason advertising should not be shown is because our society needs to move away from waste and consumerism. Children want what they see on television which is not always a necessity.

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