Do you think that cigarettes should be sold?

Asked by: Ikph1219
  • Cigarettes are awful, but . . .

    I would never smoke. In fact, I would never even consider smoking. My own grandfather's life was cut short by nicotine. It is a terrible problem that breaks apart families and cuts lives short. However . . .

    Tobacco is a half trillion dollar industry each year, and employs nearly 100 million people. Without smoking, all these people would be out of a job, and all that revenue would be lost. In a perfect world, Americans would spend their money on better things. But that's not how life works. Banning tobacco would kill the economy, and people who REALLY wanted to smoke would do it anyways.

  • They should be for sale by those wishing to carry them.

    However, it is at the discretion of the consumer to actually purchase the tobacco product. The question could be rephrased to "Should cigarettes be available for purchase by the general public from vendors choosing to carry them?" to avoid semantics-abusing joiks saying that yes, cigarettes should a mandatory purchase by the consumer, which is a possible translation from "Should cigarettes be sold?"

  • I believe in personal freedoms.

    It's on an individual if they want to smoke. I dislike authoritarianism. I would much rather someone do what they want. As long as they aren't hurting someone else. It's unfortunate that some people fear the freedoms of others. Maybe if someone started to push against freedoms they like they would change their dictating ways. But then again maybe they'll just get pissed and start acting as a pestilent child.

  • Yes cigarettes should still be sold.

    I hate smoking. I think it is disgusting and gross but it is a personal freedom to smoke. Almost everyone that starts smoking knows of the dangers it can cause not only to them, but to others. It is a person's personal responsibility for what they put in them. But to me the whole "it hurts other people too!" argument is the same as using alcohol. Alcohol is also used and hurts people too, but there would be uproar if someone wanted to ban the sale of it. In conclusion cigarettes should not be banned as it is a personal freedom.

  • They kill you.

    -They are gross
    -They cause cancer
    -Bad bad bad bad bad bad bad
    -Kill others too (second hand smoke)
    -They are just plain mean
    -Please vote NO if you know what is right.
    -Cigarettes are bad bad bad
    -That is all I can say right now so bye!
    -The End.

  • Nooooo noooo smoking

    Smoking is bad for u, u get da cancer mmmkay? If u do da drugs and startttt smoking den u get into baed habbbbits and u start smoking more and den u die a baed deadth mmmkay??????? MMMMMMMMKAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????

  • They cause lung cancer and they are highly addictive

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  • Of course not.!

    Smoking causes an accumulation of fatty substances in the arteries, known as atherosclerosis, the main contributor to smoking-related deaths. Smoking is also a significant contributory factor in coronary heart disease risk. People with coronary heart disease are much more likely to have a heart attack. Plus. My dad was a smoker and he became very ill. Thank goodness he quit. Cigarettes should not be sold, this will be protecting everyone from getting sick and dying.!

  • No no smoking its the thing to do

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  • They have no purpose so why sell them

    Cigarettes are very bad and they mess with people's health and there is no reason to smoke. People say they need it to calm down but there is another way to calm down breath in and out and cigarettes make it so you can't breath. They are addictive but so is sugar and other things. So stop selling them, get a real job, and stop smoking too.

  • No no no

    All that cigarettes do is kill people. All that cigarettes do is kill people. All that cigarettes do is kill people. All that cigarettes do is kill people. All that cigarettes do is kill people. All that cigarettes do is kill people. All that cigarettes do is kill people. There just gross

  • No cigarettes use.

    I think that we should not use cigarettes because they have nicotine that addicts you to use them a lot which can lead to you in a hospitality can tern your lungs black some times it can kill you it's really dangerous also can tell your child that it is okay to smoke.

  • Just stop it all together

    I wish that cigarettes were never invented. They slowly kill you and before they do cause all sorts of health issues for yourself, and those around you by second hand smoke. They also put a dent in your pocket especially if you are a chain smoker. Overall cigarettes do more bad than good in a general sense.

  • All they do is kill people!

    All that cigarettes do is kill people. They don't heal you or makes you stronger. They make you weak, people around you weak and the world weak. Cigarettes kill and that's all, meaning their bad and if we stop selling them then they will stop making people addicted.I believe that Cigarettes should be illegal to sell

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