Do you think that cloned animals should be used for human transplants?

  • Yes, If it is Moral to Eat Animals, It Is Moral to Use Their Parts

    If scientists can find a way to make cloning animals for body parts work,
    there is no reason not to do it. People eat animals, as well as fungi and plants,
    and most people accept that one must die for another to continue living for
    a while. If it is moral to slaughter animals, assuming they were raised and
    killed humanely, then it is moral to use their body parts to extend a human

  • No, mankind would be cruel.

    Well since the majority of mankind is cruel to animals and don't care about their lives and feelings, I think that they won't even wait for the animal to die, they would just murder them because they will get away with it. They already murder so many sentient beings for food, clothing etc...So what would stop them from doing it for this.

  • No sounds dangerous.

    Using cloned animals as a means for human transplants sound dangerous and very risky. I would imagine there is a possibility of all kinds of errors and ways for things to go wrong. Putting animal organs in a human in general sounds like it would be likely to fail or have low success.

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