Do you think that corporate crime cases should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law?

  • These crimes are just as real as others

    It is easy for prosecutors to take it easy on people who are naturals in a suit and tie, or are committing crimes that don't seem as violent or dingy as other criminals. Obviously a rapist is a despicable human being, but people in power positions who take advantage of others and ruin them out of their money should be fully prosecuted.

  • Yes, coporate crime cases should be treated like any crime.

    Yes, corporations can not expect money to get them out of everything. Corporations are full of people who have full capability to be like those who live in jail. They should be expected to abide by the rules as all other citizens do, and so they should be penalized as just the same.

  • Yes corporate crime cases should be prosecuted

    Corporate crimes differ from violent crimes only in the sense that the pain is inflicted financially and sometimes mentally rather than physically. Dependent upon the degree of the defense, corporate crimes can leave an aftermath of financial bankruptcy, which may feel like a prison sentence to the victim. Committing a crime shows lack of empathy and character rather violent or non-violent.

  • All crime should be prosecuted that way.

    Of course I think that corporate criminals and crime should receive full prosecution. Corporations have argued loudly and longly for their rights under the American law system. Well, under our system, those rights include the ability to full protection and prosecution for crimes. Stop giving corporations immunity from the criminal actions of their employees and officers.

  • The double standard

    We have a double standard that we don't acknowledge between the classes. We differentiate between regular crime and what we call white-collar crime. White collar criminals get off easier, are judged different, and are even sent to different types of prisons - white collar prisons - to make lives easier for the rich.

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