• Making fools of all

    Yes I believe I have the right to make up my own mind, Just because you have degree or theory doesn’t make you the creator of the universe. These creationists are really making a fool of others who follow them wholeheartedly, All they have are theories anyone can come up with a theory of life if they use their minds and think for themselves,

  • The fact that their belief is so wild.

    Everyone is entitled to a belief, but when you believe something as outlandish and crazy as creationism, you are truly making a fool of yourself. If you are ignorant enough to believe that the earth is only 6,000 years old, then yes, you are honestly making a fool of yourself.

  • Yes, while it is their strong belief that they feel important to follow, to others they are perceived as fools.

    Many creationists, whether they are forcing their religion on others, or are good people, are fools in a society where scientific discovery is encouraged and important. Any follower of skepticism, for that matter, will be seen as a fool, creationist or not. However there beliefs in a world today make a fool of themselves; their is no argument, because people judge them frequently.

  • Reality (existence) -vs- Belief (imaginary)

    At its most basic level, is something thats accessible by all of our basic senses, while belief can only exist within our brain. The two are exact opposite of each other. I can only image what it musts be like, to a naive brain, of lets say an undiscovered Amazonian tribe living about their simplistic lives generation after generation. When along comes members of a religious faith, to teach them their own religious beliefs, therefore "injecting" specific religion/god into an unknowing mind- curious question, why? Its the same premise as when a child is born into a catholic family vs a child born on the opposite side of the planet, into a Hindu family. Religion is a seed of belief planted in a mind by the parents or believers into the mind(s) of a child, born blind to the ways of mankind.

  • Yes, when creationists are forcing their beliefs they are making fools of themselves

    Yes, when creationists are forcing their beliefs they are making fools of themselves. Science is one thing and religion is another. I don't see why creationists are forcing their beliefs upon everybody else. Do they feel threatened by science? Will God think less of them if they are not fanatic enough? Evolution is for school, creationism is for Sunday school.

  • No, creationists don't make fools of themselves

    No, creationists don't make fools of themselves. They simply have very strong beliefs and they feel it's important to stick to them no matter what. Strongly held beliefs should be respected, even if they are hard to defend. In addition, because creationist beliefs are centered around religion, it is easy to just say, no, it doesn't seem to fit with science, but maybe there is something more that we just don't understand.

  • No, they don't.

    Creationists do not make a fool of themselves. If you truly believe in religion, then you will understand why we should believe in the creationists. On the other side, revolutionists are also not so certain about some things. We can't just believe in this. Simply because as the body ages, it bends, and that is what they call past discoveries.

  • Creationists make no more fools of themselves than anyone else

    Creationists make no more fools of themselves than evolutionists to the extent that not all is known about evolution. Scientists are constantly updating the data and other scientific findings. Creationists are only seen as fools by those who intentionally seek to create fools out of them. I find it abhorrent that people would criticize another's belief system.

  • At the end of the day, anyone who has actually listened to a coherent creationist argument knows that they are far from fools.

    Most of the people who voted yes in this thread are, I assume, evolutionists or at the very least, secular. That’s completely fine and good, and I’d like to concede one thing as a creationist myself: there are many holes and unknowns in the creationist argument. HOWEVER, there are just as many, if not more, holes and missing pieces in every other explanation for the origins of the world. No one, whether secular or religious, will ever know for sure the way that the universe came to be, simply because none of us were there. However, it makes me sad to see those who preach religious freedom and tolerance attack and demean a completely valid point of view.

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