• Yes, I think that credit card theft is the biggest form of computer cyber-crime.

    I think credit card theft is a major issue that costs consumers and companies billions of dollars of fraud damages a year, I think credit cards are way to easy to steal online currently and there needs to be substantial security improvements in the future to reduce the amount of theft that is occurring.

  • No, There are far more Heinous Acts committed online

    The power of a computer is vast, not simply limited to the mere accumulation of debt on a credit card. Hackers are capable of shutting down nuclear plants with the technology available today. To me that sounds a great deal more damaging than a few hundred dollars spent at Wal Mart online.

  • No credit card theft is not the biggest form of cyber-crime

    Credit card theft may only be a small part of the type of cyber crimes that exist. There are crimes involving children, activities of an adult nature, and selling illegal products. I believe the selling of counterfeit products is a major cyber crime. I think credit card theft is very limited because it can be traced.

  • Credit Card theft is not the biggest form of cyber-crime

    Most credit card fraud is done with physical cards. Whether that be with fraudulent applications, stolen wallets, or cloned cards from a retail outlet, there is still a physical card required. Online fraud is more identity related. This identity theft is what leads to fraudulent applications or illegal and unauthorized transactions. Identity theft is the biggest form of cyber-crime.

  • No, not the biggest.

    The biggest form of computer cyber crime is when you have a stalker. Trust me, I have been there. The one I had went as far as tracking down my address and threatening to come visit me. This gives you more stress and anxiety than you can possibly imagine. Ruins quality of life.

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