Do you think that cricket could or would ever become popular in the United States?

Asked by: bothsidesguy
  • There is a difference between Baseball and Cricket

    Yes, I think that it will, for the same reason soccer has gained popularity. This reason is globalization and commercialization. People may say that America does its own thing, but that is not true. The reason soccer is growing in popularity in the US is because of globalization, and Cricket will too since it is growing in commercialization as well. Plus, and this may be a more biased reason, T20 Cricket is objectively more interesting than Baseball since it has more "highlights" happening over the same period of time.

  • Unfortunately, probably not.

    The us is too involved in baseball to even appreciate the game,in my opinion. Despite the fact that in NORTH america the game is played widely in both Canada and the West Indies, I don't think that it has much of a "shot"(excuse the pun!) of picking up in the UNited States. Pity,though.

  • US has baseball

    The US play baseball, which is a sport that has similarities with cricket (in the same way American Football shares similarities with Rugby) and is culturally a heavily popular sport over there. Not to mention there would already be a lot more sports that would be a lot more popular than cricket if it were to get going over there.
    So unless there's a massive culture shift I doubt cricket would ever get popular in the US.

  • Too engrossed with baseball

    I don't think so. They enjoy baseball which is a huge thing over there. In Britain we don't play or watch baseball so in the same way baseball won't be big in great Britain Cricket won't be big in North America.

    They have a culture that's uniquely different and that's not going to change.

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