• I think cryonics affects the memories of a patient.

    I think cryonics affects the memories of a patient. Cryonics is only a theoretical method of bringing back to life people who have died, by freezing their brains and later reviving them using advanced future technology. It is unsure whether the preservation of life through cryonics is possible, but if it were possible I think it would affect the memories of the patient. I would think that a cryonics patient might experience amnesia if they were revived after a long period of time.

  • Yes, cryonics affects the memory.

    I think that cryonics would affect the memory of a person who goes through the process. I don't see how somebody can be frozen and not have it affect them. But with that said, I do not think that it is even possible to freeze somebody and have them live after that.

  • I do not think it helps anything

    Most people who are put into cryonics are already legally brain dead or just dead. No other modern medicine has been able to bring some one back that was declared brain dead. People turn to cryonics in hopes that the freezing method will work. All though, cryonics is still basically a theory in itself, and has proven to be no better than modern medicine in bringing someone back, after being declared brain dead.

  • We have no way of knowing

    The problem is that it's hard to take a side on this debate because there is no real test case and no way of knowing what effects cryonics has on brain functions such as memory, verbal impairment, morality, etc. It is just as likely as it is unlikely that being awaken from such a state may change one's behavior and memories.

  • Cryonics doesn't affect the memories of patients,

    Cryonics doesn't affect the memories of patients, or shall I say cadavers. The memories cease to exist soon after death. Memories are contained in the brain the are etched in delicate cells which transform irretrievable soon after death. If a person who died a natural death from old age is inserted into some cryonic system immediately, then and only then would I say maybe the memories would be preserved.

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