Do you think that Domino's Pizza did well when they forced its employee to return the money he was robbed of?

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  • No, Domino's acted poorly.

    Forcing a delivery driver to pay back money that he was robbed of with his own personal finances is classic victim-blaming. Surely he is traumatized enough having experienced being robbed at gunpoint. He was doing his job to the best of his abilities and it is certainly not his fault that he was robbed. The company should absorb the cost without incurring cost on their employee.

  • No, This is not the policy of the local franchisee or company

    This is not the policy of the local franchisee or company. The local franchisee’s office has not asked the employee to pay back the stolen funds. But you know, the corrected story states that even though they have this policy they don't ask the drivers to ever pay back the money.

  • I don't think that's fair at all

    To put it bluntly, that's not fair. That employee is already having a bad day because all of his tip money was stolen. And then on top of that you force him to pay full price for a pizza that wasn't even his. I wouldn't be surprised if he quit the very next day.

  • No, employee did not have to return money.

    No, Domino's Pizza should not have asked the employee to return the money that was stolen and they didn't. There was a correction to the original article released that in fact Domino's did not ask for money back that was stolen. The writer of the article reported on a company policy he read and not on the facts at the time.

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