Do you think that dress codes are reasonable at schools?

  • Wearing Bikinis to School Not Appropriate

    Dress codes at school are mainly reasonable. No one under the age of 18 should wear t-shirts that tout cigarettes, tobacco, drugs or alcohol. Girls shouldn't wear bikinis in class either because they are just as distracting as a "Budweiser" shirt. Dress codes have to be in place because there shouldn't be distractions from learning.

  • We Should Have Dress Codes

    Well kids these days are walking around like a gangster wearing their pants so down that you can see there boxers or underwear ,and, girls are exposing to mush of their body to and some girls are crazy about fashion so they will probably spend hours or an hour deciding what to wear and if there is something the don't like at the last minute they will change it even when they are already late for class (school) . Having dress codes is so much better and it will make kids have more discipline to and it will also save a lot of time for everybody and if someone is making fun of somebody because of their clothes then after there is dress codes they can't make fun of the student because he or she is wearing the same thing he or she is wearing. There should be dress codes in school

  • They are reasonable.

    I don't think that it should be a entire school-system rule, but from school to school. If the kids at school are wearing very inappropriate clothes then the school should take action and implement mild rules and progressively make more and more rules. So I'm sort of in the middle but in your case of words I think yes.

  • School Dress Codes

    Clothing is a wonderful method of self-expression, however, at what cost? School is a place for learning; it is not a fashion show or place where fads are made or broken. Deep-plunging blouses, too-tight jean (or sagging on the other end of the spectrum) do not belong in school as they distract the learning process. Furthermore, with all students concentrating on academics rather than fashion, this country will benefit from a stronger future.

  • Definitely it should!

    School is an encouraging environment for young people as they interact with kids their age. You don't want students showing up to school as if they were going to a club or something. I've witnessed so many girls that wear the shortest things, don't know if it's for attention or something, but that really ruins that atmosphere of where the environment (at least should be) positive, focused in yet warm and full of different kinds of people. I know not all schools are like that but for the most part, that's the reason for school, education.

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  • Dress codes are reasonable at schools

    Dress codes are reasonable at schools. This is because of the fact that dress codes, when implemented, have been shown in study to improve obedience in students. Dress codes also help prevent gangs from displaying gang-related items of clothing. This is very good because it can help deter gang-related violence and crime.

  • Yes I think so.

    I do think that overall dress codes are reasonable at schools. Some schools, such as religious schools, may have an overly strict dress code, but most schools do not. Most schools just ask that the children do not wear any clothes with profanity or sexually explicit images. Also, they ask that the clothes are not too revealing.

  • Dress codes are reasonable at schools.

    Students and teachers should be expected to follow a reasonable dress code. It would not be appropriate for people to wear overly provocative or sexually arousing clothes at an institute of learning. This is why most schools have dress codes or uniform policies in place. If people cannot dress in a civil manner, they shouldn't be allowed in a school.

  • Yes, dress codes at schools can be seen as reasonable.

    Yes,dress codes at schools can be seen as reasonable.Clothes can be one of the most distracting elements in a school environment and if officials need to institute a dress code then nobody can really say that is an unreasonable.Students and teachers need to know that they can be productive without excess distractions.

  • They are too lenient

    Schools should not just have dress codes but should have a proper uniform that is unique to the school. In my country you have a very specific uniform with all in the same shoes, socks, skirts, blouse, tie, hat and even down to the ribbons you wear in the hair.

    Uniforms are very beneficial. They improve security in the school as teachers can quickly see who should be there and who should not. They help the school to develop and identity in the community and they give students a sense of belonging. They also help to eliminate competition between students about what they wear.

  • It's not fair

    People have different body types and clothes look different on different people. How can you set a standard for that? School shopping is hard enough and having to comply with the extensive dress code makes it even harder. I agree there are some items that aren't appropriate, but the list of items you can wear is shorter.

  • Dress Codes are not fair.

    Today at school I got "dress-coded" for wearing a dress with leggings. The dress was an appropriate length (mid thigh) to wear with leggings, and my mom (who is very strict with what I wear) approved of my outfit. I got to school and was immediately pulled aside and told that I either needed to change, or I would have to wear a pair of pants over my leggings. Seeing as my mom was at work, having her bring me another outfit was not an option, so I chose the pants. Let me just say that the pants the school gives you when you get dress-coded are HUGE. They kept slipping down my waist while I was trying to walk down the hallway. These pants at our school are dubbed "the pants of shame", and when I had to walk down the hall wearing XXL jeans while people were staring was one of the most embarrassing things I've ever had to do. I'm already a very insecure person, so having everyone whisper while I walked by in the "pants of shame" was mortifying. I felt like crying the entire day. The point I'm trying to make here is while I get that dress codes are necessary to keep kids from coming to school in teensy little outfits, dress-coding someone who is wearing a reasonable outfit is uncalled for. Schools need to learn that instead of punishing girls for doing nothing wrong, they should work on helping boys control themselves around girls. If a boy is really going to get that excited by seeing the bottoms of my legging-covered thighs, it's him who needs help, not me.

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