Do you think that economically space travel is worth the cost

  • There is more economic stimulation through the funding of space travel

    There are multiple experiments and technological advancements that are being made in space that help boost and grow the economy. There are several pieces of technology that have also made the quality of life better here on earth. This is a topic that takes a lot of time and money to move forward in. Ut I believe the society as a whole can benefit in the long run

  • In the current age, no. In the future, possibly.

    In today's era, humanity has not found any natural resources that can be obtained from space. Nothing in space has yet been found that can be harvested for retail or consumption on Earth. Sure, sunlight is what supplies the Earth with energy, but space travel is not required to obtain it. The cost to launch manned missions to the moon, and hopefully Mars soon, is not being supported by any returns from those missions, other than research. Do not get me wrong, research is extremely beneficial to life on Earth and has prompted many technological advancements and given humanity new insights to the universe. As an individual, I believe that space travel should still be researched and supported by the scientific community, but it is not yet fully worth the cost financially. However, one day it likely will be.

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