• He made one mistake and should not be banned

    Considering Robinson won the Bart Starr Award in 1998, an award given each year to a player with high moral character, it's safe to assume that Robinson's mistake was a one time thing. He should not be banned from the NFL just for making one mistake. Other players (like Big Ben & Mike Vick for example) have done much worse and have not been banned from the NFL.

  • This is an old story

    I think the man is to old to play in the NFL. He was a free safety and played 16 years before his arrest. Maybe the question is about him being able to coach. I believe everyone deserves another chance. It is not healthy for people to hold grudges so long. Let the man back in.

  • Keep him in the NFL.

    Eugene Robinson deserves to stay in the NFL. He made a mistake with solicitation, but that is not the end of the world. It would be wrong to end the career of someone over such a discrepancy. He can repent with God. Robinson worked hard to get where he is, so he should be allowed to stay with the NFL.

  • Yes, he should stay in the nfl

    I think he is fine, many people have made mistakes,but he is getting old. If he still has got it, he's got my vote. Michael Vick came back from a worse indiscretion, and he still plays. The man knows what he did and his time is about up in the NFL, it is for him to leave, not be forced out.

  • No, Eugen Robinson does not deserve to stay in the NFL.

    I do not believe that Eugen Robinson deserves to stay in the NFL. I think that what he did warrants his expulsion from the National Football League. The NFL has a code of conduct that they expect their employees to abide by. When a player fails to do so, the NFL has every right to kick them out.

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