• Eugene Robinson retirement

    I personally agree,The name fails the most basic tests of acceptability. Can you imagine employing it to address someone? Would you use it to describe anyone not associated with the team? If you overheard someone using the term in a non-football context, would you think more of that person or less?

  • Yes, Eugene Robinson should retire from football.

    Eugene Keefe Robinson should retire from football. But considering he already is retired, I don't know how that is possible. The guy played football a long time ago for the NFL. I think he has been retired for a while now. I think that is the reason why he should retire and stay retired.

  • No, Eugene Robinson should remain active in the NFL

    No, Eugene Robinson should continue to thrive in his profession as long as he is able and loves the game. The NFL often has difficult choices to make when it comes to their players. On one hand, controversy sells tickets, and whether most people are willing to admit it or not, everybody loves a bad boy. On the other hand, problems with the law are serious, but if he serves time or makes restitution, he should be allowed to continue to play.

  • No, I don't believe eugene Robinson should retire from football

    Eugene Robinson retired from playing football in after the 2000 season and became a commentator for football games, I don't believe there is any problem with him providing commentary on football games he has the experience of playing the game to provide in depth insightful commentary to his viewers on the games he commentates.

  • It is his choice

    I do not believe he should retire from football that is entirely his choice and his decision if he wants to keep on playing football more power to him. If he wants to retire that is fine too. He can keep playing as long as he wants too and as long as his body allows him too.

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