Do you think that fashion in the Gothic subculture is too uniform?

  • Yes, Gothic fashion is uniform and easily identifiable

    Fashion in the Gothic subculture has become uniform and predictable. The Gothic look consists primarily of black t-shirts and black pants combined with assorted studded leather accessories. I have seen some style variations, but the garments are always dark, usually black. Accessories always seem to be studded leather watchbands, bracelets and neck bands. Earrings are usually silver, in the shapes of pentagrams or other symbols considered dark in nature. The Gothic subculture is easily and quickly identified by most people due to the uniformity of their clothing.

  • Yes, they conform to being non-conforming.

    The Goth subculture is one that likes to think that it is different from the main stream and so it follows a dress code of its own. However, as with most other subcultures, that dress code becomes formulaic and almost a requirement for its followers. It is as uniform as wearing a suit on Wall Street.

  • No, the Gothic subculture in not overly homogenous.

    While to the untrained eye, it may appear all those who dress in black and wear dark eye makeup are one in the same, the truth is those who appear "goth" are likely part of one of many diverse subgroups. Emo kids, Metal heads, Satanists, Witches and Vampire-afficiandos are just a few examples.

  • No, but it appears that way from the outside.

    Upon outward observation, the Gothic subculture, looks quite uniform. I mean, with all the dark clothing, spiked collars, and black eyeliner and fingernail polish, one may think it is full of uniformity. I more refer to it as a counterculture than a subculture. The purpose it brings to society, in my opinion, tends to be an outlet of dark feelings. You can be accepted into the Goth culture with minimal dress outside the norm by simply liking the dark style of music that, most agree, founded the culture to begin with. For this reason, there is a lack of uniformity that welcomes many into the subculture.

  • There are varieties.

    No, I do not think that fashion in the Gothic subculture is too uniform, because there are a lot of varieties of Gothic fashion. People who don't know a lot about Gothic culture tend to put it all together into one, but that is just because they just don't know about it. Colors, accents, and even jewels are welcome. It is up to the person to show off their own style.

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