Do you think that fast food restaurants are responsible for obesity?

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  • Overall Consumer Choices to Blame

    Fast food restaurants aren't to blame for obesity. Overall consumer choices have led to the obesity epidemic in the United States. There are plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables for people to buy and eat. Instead, they opt for factory-produced convenience foods that are denser and higher in calories. Instead of stuff made from high fructose corn syrup, why not eat better foods that prevent health maladies associated with weight gain? Science backs up a healthier diet, but consumers refuse to listen.

  • Your Kidding Me Right...

    One in four children are overweight or obese. My name is Amy and I am speaking about fast food stores not being responsible for adult or child obesity. This is one of Australia’s most major issues. But fast food stores such as Mc. Donalds or Hungry Jacks are not responsible for this issue. A child’s parent should be setting a good example to their children. Also, it is actually not fast food stores that cause obesity. There are other factors to this problem as well. Lastly, people have a choice to eat this food. They are not being forced to eat fatty meals.
    When children are young and learning manners the major role model they look up to are their parents. This also effects what the child’s eating habits are. Nearly 80 percent of obese 10 to 14 year olds with an obese parents will be obese as adults. It is a mother or father responsibility to give their child good food that will give them the vitamins, calcium and nutrients the need to grow healthy. A study in the Journal of Pediatrics found five independent risk factors for childhood overweight. The main risk factor was parental weight. This is because the parent’s eating habits are passed on to their children because the meals they make for their families.
    My second point is that it is not the all about fast foods stores being bad for you. There are other things in play here. According to the AACAP some are of these issues are; poor eating habits, overeating, lack of exercise, family history of obesity, medical illnesses (such as endocrine etc.), medication, a stressful life events or changes, family and peer problems, low self-esteem, or depression. All these things can be defeated if we only try and persist.
    Lastly, people have a choice to eat these unhealthy meals. They are not being forced or bribed to eat it. This is their own decision. It is fact that obesity is the result of an imbalanced unhealthy diet eaten between meals. In other situations when people eat fatty meals, it is just there body that is prone to use less energy, which in a result leads to being overweight.
    In conclusion, some people just blame it on fast food stores because they don’t have anything else to blame but themselves. It is people choice to eat the foods they are eating. It can sometimes be in the family genes to or the parents giving their children a bad example. All of these points lead to the conclusion that take away stores are not responsible for child obesity.

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