• Yes, it makes sense

    Charging by the pound makes more sense! Maybe having a certain body weight you can't pass or you'll get charged a fee for every ten pounds or something. That isn't discrimination; those people weren't born fat. If you have a medical condition or something where you can't control your body weight, then it makes sense that you would argue for your rights, but most people make themselves fat by personal choice; maybe they don't WANT to be fat, but they are because they made decisions that led to them being fat. Are you going to let an obese person play for your soccer team? No; they will slow everyone else down and become a handicap. That isn't discrimination. It's common sense.

  • Yes, they should pay more.

    Either fat people have to start paying more when they need 2 or 3 seats, or all of the airlines are going to have to reconstruct their airplanes. It isn't the airlines fault that a person needs more than one seat to go on a flight. Obesity, for the most part, is a personal problem.

  • Overweight flyers should have to pay more for airline tickets.

    Yes, overweight individuals should have to pay more for airline tickets. They take up more space and increase the capacity of the plane that's filled at a much faster rate than an average weight flyer. The seats on planes are only so big, and in many instances, overweight people take up more than their fair share of space.

  • The overweight must pay for extra space

    Each passenger pays for a seat allocation with the assigned width and legroom. If someone cannot fit within this space so that the armrests can be lowered and the safety belt fastened then they must purchase an additional seat.

    I am not passing judgement on the lifestyle or personality of the overweight passenger, But it is simply not fair for neighbouring passengers to pay for a seat and then have their space effectively stolen.

  • Choice and consequence

    Passengers who pay to sit in an 18 inch seat should fit in that seat. If they "spill over" into a neighbors seat, They should be charged for two seats. It is unfair to the other passengers who pay for and fit in one seat to be robbed of their personal space for the duration of the flight.

  • I bilive obese people should buy an extra ticket

    It is bot discrimination, it is fair, the weight affects tge fuel consumption of the aeroplane! They should also see to their comfort, they may feel bad if someone tells them that he or she is taking more place then their partition. For their own comfort and others they should pay more!

  • It's all about cost/weight ratios...

    ..So yes. If we have to pay for overweight bags, why shouldn't people pay for overweight bodies? Remember when we didn't all have to pay for bags? Now we have to charge the doorway so we can make sure we get overhead space. And then now we have to compete to get seats that aren't crowded by overweight people? Preposterous.

  • A resounding yes

    Beyond simply the discomfort of who ever is unlucky enough to sit next to the excessively large person. The more something weighs, the more energy it takes to support and propel it. And that extra energy, the extra jet fuel that is consumed by one persons excess, who subsidizes that? Every other passenger on the flight in the cost of there ticket. If have to pay extra because I chose to put more books into my bag than I needed, shouldn't a heavy person have to pay extra because they chose to put more donuts in their mouth than they needed? I don't expect everyone else to absorb the cost of my bibliomania, so why are we asked to shoulder a share of the repercussion of other's gluttony. And potentially loose a 1/3 of our seat as well. I try to be a good person, but I'm not Jesus, and not over thrilled at the prospect of being forced to suffer for other's sins.

  • Yes Yes Yes

    Not only is it unfair but uncomfortable being sat next to someone so big. Why should I have to fly for hours with one arm stuck to my side?? AND pay £30 or so for a couple of KG over on my hold bag? Airlines are struggling to make profits which affects our route options, so hell yes!

  • It is a shipping cost

    I've just been charged £130 to add a hold bag to my flight with BA. I bought what I thought was the best fair without checking the small print! My bag will be 20kg and I weigh 74kg. My last flight I was sat next to a woman who needed a belt extender. Where is the justice?

  • Its not a decision one can make easily

    Being fat is something you cant just get rid off. Its not one simple decision that people can make by eating a salad and instantly losing 5 pounds. They might not fit into those seats, but its not like they don't want to fit, its because they physically can't. Theres alot of things that fat people can't do like indulge on food they want to eat or riding a rollercoaster or being made fun of at the beach. So why should you make it any hard for their lives then they have to be.

  • No, Charging Overweight People More For Airline Tickets is Descrimination

    Many argue that being overweight is a choice because a person could lose weight if they really wanted to. However, the obesity issue is not this simple. There are many factors that contribute to obesity including other health problems, access to healthy food, and societal standards and norms. This means that in varying degrees, social, economic, and health institutions also hold some responsibility for the "obesity epidemic". In the case of someone who is overweight due to some other physical health problem, charging them more would be equivalent to charging a disabled person more for wheelchair access, for instance. Given that obesity cannot be considered a choice, nor can we determine the complex reasons for an individual's weight, it would be discriminatory to charge obese people more for airline tickets. Additionally, there is a high correlation between poverty and obesity and it has been shown that impoverished people have less access to healthy food, quality health care, and health education, adding another layer of social descrimination if this were to be implemented.

  • No, the ticket price is one size fits all

    The cost of an airline ticket is an average. That is why airlines do not charge
    more for men, though they tend to weigh more than women. Planes also do
    not charge more for those who are heavily dressed rather than those who
    travel in skimpy clothes. If the airlines are going to charge some passengers
    more, why not add a surcharge for noisy children, or one for those passengers
    who get loaded and make pests of themselves?

  • I Don't Support This

    I do not believe fat people should pay more for airline tickets. I believe the price should remain the same regardless of a persons size. If a company can charge more based on a persons size then who's to say that maybe an abnormally small person should receive a discount.

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