Do you think that feminism has become ridiculous?

Asked by: Mr.Foxx
  • Is there any doubt?

    -There are Feminists which literally want to ban games because they have attractive women in them
    -There are Feminists which act as if the Patriarchy exists in first world countries like America, which is obviously false.
    -Man-spreading was made against the law in some areas (not sure if it still is) which is stupid. I may not be a man, but I understand that men can't just close their legs or cross them like women do, but yet somehow this is oppression against women.
    -There are Feminists that are willing to ban WORDS because they are offensive (there have been a few movements before to do things like that.)
    Worst of all, most of these women are entitled college students which are well off complaining about being oppressed, while there are only a few which are trying to help out women in countries that are ACTUALLY oppressed. Those women which actually care about helping out women which need to be helped should just become egalitarians, because no one is going to hear the name "Feminism" and not think of some of the things I listed here.
    (Also have you ever heard of Feminist slam poetry? I have heard some pretty awful poetry from them.)

  • Their views have become bias

    As a straight male I think that the feminist cause in the beginning was sort of... Legitimate, but now it has become completely bias and stupid. Now it's basically just women blasting men about how they are pigs and how they are in fact better, and have seemed to dropped their original views of equality. Just goes to show you what a little bit of power can do to the human mind.

  • Yes I do.

    Feminism seems to believe that it can take on, as well the rights of women,the rights of gays, transgenders, blacks, Muslims, immigrants, etc. Yet it can't even do the first without misrepresenting facts and presenting emotions as facts. It's all become so bloated it will probably fall under its own weight due to infighting. That's the hope at least.

  • My god yes

    Third wave feminism is a joke. Third wave feminists ignore real problems like the migrant rape epidemic in Europe and focus on stupid things like "manspreading" and "mansplaining". Third wave feminists complain about everything and expect everyone to adapt to their standards. Most of them are demanding and ruin the lives of people who disagree with them or god forbid make jokes.

  • Abso -freaking- lutley.!!!

    I understand that women have their rights, I myself am a woman... But come on, there HAS to be limits. Women are taking things Wayyyy too far.!! Abortions are absolutely UNACCEPTABLE in my eyes.. But that's my opinion. The free the nipple thingy........... I am dumbfounded by that I didn't know that was even a thing but oh well xD . I dont like that idea either... Women should respect themselves. Showing their body like that is not respecting yourself.. Might as well be a stripper for Goodness sake.! Of course women have their freedom and their rights, but don't ever do it.! Know your rights ladies. ;)

  • To be honest, yes.

    Don't get me wrong here, it was necessary in the 18th/19th century (if it was formed then, not sure about that) since back then it was solving actual legitimate issues, but then modern feminism has emerged and has pretty much made feminism into a giant clusterfuck of contradictions that would have the truest of Scotsman scratching his head in confusion. When you really think about it, it's basically an accepted and very influential version of Groupthink, specifically targeted towards the easily convinced and outright ignorant people of society.

  • Yes, it Absolutely Has

    Feminism might have been good back when women could not vote, could not get a job, and had to endure abusive husbands, but now, feminism has gone over the deep end.

    These days, the only things feminists care about are abortion, free the nipple, and making men feel inferior, all things I'm completely against.

  • I don't think so.

    As we all know (or I hope so) that feminism isn't needed in first world countries anymore. And if it is still needed, not as much as before. What everyone in these comments are complaining 'feminazis'. Haven't you all learnt the difference by now. It has probably become ridiculous in America to some extend due to 'feminazis' arguing about video games and whatnot.
    But when I think about feminism I think about Malala Yousafzai. I think about Third world countries. Now I know I've probably gone off topic but when I say this question I had to rant. Coming from a young feminist's point of view I don't think feminism has become ridiculous. It's some of the people who say they are feminists are ridiculous.

  • Feminism is Still Needed

    A lot of people argue that feminists are crazy, because feminism is no longer needed in America. But when we say that feminism is needed, we aren't referring to just American women, we are referring to women all around the world. There are still way to many women who are abused, and worse, and the perpetrators get off easy. Women stand together as a whole, not in pieces.

  • Feminism has always been ridiculous

    Feminism has not become ridiculous because it has always been ridiculous. The feminist movement refers to a series of campaigns for reforms which they have absolutely no understanding of hence why nothing good comes from them.

    The people who support feminism i.e. feminists/man haters, have a low goal in life.

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liltankjj says2016-01-18T17:17:20.737
The biggest issue I see with feminism groups is that they make it harder for those women that just want to be simple. A good example would be the United States Marine Corps. Women now have to do pull ups. Believe that there are some women that dread this change and others soon to come. But I am all for women being equal!!! (I want there to be emphasis on equal) I personally dislike double standards although they are unavoidable.