• Yes It is

    Really Fortnite is way better. The graphics and imagery are better than PUBG. Not to mention that’s a Fortnite is SO much better in the performance area as well. You would find it harder to run a PUBG that a Fortnite Battle Royale. PUBG is not nearly as optimized as Fortnite is. I would definitely have to say that Fortnite is better than PUBG.

  • It is childish

    Fortnite is a very popular game but it is very childish and contains so much colour and is unrealistic whereas on the other hand PUBG is very realistic and if you see in Fortnite. They just start building to defend which does not make sense whereas PUBG has houses and walls to defend yourself.

  • The Simple truth, Is that Fortnite are truly for kids.

    Fortnite might be a very popular game right now, However, It's childness and colorful graphic and imagery are used to please kids under 10. However, PUBG on the other hand, Despite being always bugged, Is a game that have attracted many military attraction for it's realistic graphic, Physics law, And also exotic guns. While the Fortnite gamers have no concerns of storage and what to bring or what not, The Pubg players have much more skills, And will be able to defeat any fortnite players on any 1vs 1 CSGO showdown. (Obviously the other side won't be able to understand this. . . . )

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