Do you think that gay marriage should be allowed in society, but just not in a church?

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  • I love hay!

    I have no problem with hay. A little romp in the hay can lead to great things, like STD's and babies with defects. Did I mention that this person would also be my sister? Now, gays on the other hand are not as good as hay. My preacher told me that gay people are from the devil! And I take this all on faith!

  • Yes, its only respectful.

    Gay marriage is clearly against most religions in the West, and it'd only be respectful for gay people to avoid getting married in a church or other religious institution. But, i'm afraid that they'll be all emotional and offended when a religious leader tells them no. The word marriage shouldn't even be used for them, seeing as it is a biblical thing defined as "a union between a man and a woman." But, apparently, they don't respect Christianity enough to stay out of it's churches and to avoid using it's words. They could get married at other places though.

  • Marriage Is Not Religious Matter

    The Marriage was created with economical objective, to unite families and create dynasties, to gather the goods of booth sides and to make the relationship "legal", it has nothing to do with religion, it's after all a society thing, but to make it look good they put "holy" before "Union"

  • Religion Should Be Protected By Religious Freedom!

    I don't think churches should be forced to change their doctrine. If we truly practice religious freedom in America, then they cannot be. Many of the same individuals who want interference also argue to maintain a separation of church and state. Well, then, let's keep them separate. Faith and Civil Rights are very different things. By means of Civil Rights, Gay Marriage should be allowed in our society. If churches choose to change their position, that's their choice. But it should not be shoved down their throats. My parents were Catholic & Baptist. In 1952, when they wed, neither denomination would marry them "in the church". It took 6 months to find a Catholic priest willing to marry them in the "Parlor" of the rectory in front of the fireplace! Today, it's no big deal. The church even marries you at high Mass. I can remember when no church would marry a couple, if one or both were divorced. That too has changed. My cousin's daughter married, just last year. She too faced a problem: She was a practicing Christian and the groom described himself as "Spiritual". They were married in a park, by a Justice of the Peace. They could not find ANY Christian church that would marry them! Gays are not the only ones who are struggling, or have struggled, with this issue. It's been going on, for many years. Still, churches should be given the right to worship as their doctrine dictates -- NOT as society prefers!

  • Marriage is a legal issue.

    Believing in god, cupid or "happily ever" after can be left to religion, fiction and human aspirations. If all marriages are equal under the law, that is what is accepted in society as a whole. Marriage is legal issue, it doesn't matter what a church of individuals thinks they have read in their favorite book about what kind of sex is ok or not.

    As for the individuals involved, if they want to keep on believing in that god and book it is on their own conscience to decide how to deal with that internal conflict. But society, as a whole, will treat them the same as any other fool willing to get married ;-)

  • Gay marriage should be allowed in society

    I don't believe gay marriage is a problem in society. Although it is against the bible, which is against church, a bond between two people known as love is too strong for the opinion of others. Marriage is just a contract on paper, I believe that people should just let same sex couples get married.

  • Not Necessary At All

    Churches have the right to do what they see fit as their own separate institution. If a church doesn't want to allow gay marriage, that is their right. If a pastor of that church disagrees, they do not have to be pastor at that church.

    Same-sex marriage isn't necessary anyway. The only logical argument for it is for equal rights, but homosexuals already have the same rights as anyone else - including the right to get married to someone of the opposite gender.

  • Love is for everyone.

    Christianity speaks about love but still the church doesn't approve such marriages...Isn't that ironic? Love is for EVERYONE. For ALL people even for animals. It's for cats, for dogs, for donkeys. Whatever. Besides "God" makes people homosexual, so it's natural. It isn't the person's choice to become one. I'm not worried about gay community because someday, I'm sure, society and the church will change these policies.

  • Up to the pastor

    It is entirely up to the pastor whether or not they are willing to do the ceremony. Hays... Sorry, gays should not be denied access to the whole religous establishment just to satisfy those who dislike them. For that matter, every religious establishment should be able to marry any two consenting adults they wish, and deny any they don't. The legal system, however, should recognize all of these marriages equally under the law.

  • Gay marriage should be allowed everywhere

    People use "the bible" and "church" as a lame excuse to be judgmental and cruel to people who are a little bit different than ourselves. The church should stop being so judgmental about other people just because they don't do exactly what they think is "right." They say that it's "not natural," even though its completely natural and as old as human existence itself. They also say things about "a child needs a mom and dad" which is also not true in modern days. What? Do they also make divorce illegal because a kid needs a "mom and dad?"
    I really don't care about what the church believes or what the religious freaks want, and as long as they don't try to push it other people, they can believe whatever they want. When they start putting rules on who you're allowed to be, and who you're allowed to love, then isn't that just dictatorship? And blackmail? You should really start listening to yourselves, because you're all just selfish and cruel if you don't let people be themselves because a stupid book says so.

  • It's not marriage

    Marriage is the joining of a man and a woman. There is no reason why two men or two women can't love together and function as married couple and receive the same benefits as a married couple. But they should not be able to get. Arrived. I think there are more problems outside the church than int he choice with this.

  • Hay Marriage is an Abomination

    Hay should never be allowed to get married. This is an abomination. Hay is only for horses. Hay should never be allowed to get married, be fed to goats, or be burned as fuel. They must be properly packaged into bales and transported neatly in the back of trucks to nearby horse farms.

  • Insert joke about hay here V V

    I think that if you have a religion and are gay you should be able to get married in a church if you would like to. It should also be allowed in society as well. True marriage does not have to be between a man and a woman. Marriage needs to be allowed to anyone whether it is a man and a woman, a man and a man, or a woman and a woman.

  • Equal rights for everyone!

    Gay marriage should definitely be supported in society and churches because it's not "wrong" to be gay. We can't preach "we're all god's children" if we are not willing to accept ALL of god's children! It's not wrong to love someone from the same sex because it's not right to love someone from the opposite sex! Churches should accept all of god's children if they're gay or straight because it's completely irrelevant to the people that they are.

  • Each individual church should decide that.

    If a church wants to hold a gay wedding, it should be allowed to do so. If the church refuses, that is also its right to do so. Each private institution (business, church, charity, home, etc.) deserves the right to refuse any customer. This is part of the freedom of expression.

  • What is right

    Our country's leaders and lawmakers are making it wear you do not have a choice in the matter of gay marriage. If you agree then your hailed as a follower and if you don't then you're put at the bottom of society. There are many factors that are at play that comes to this issue including religion and free will. But what the U.S. is doing is portraying gay marriage as a poster child against the rights of any church especially that of Christianity. I'm for and against gay marriage on the basis that it is wrong, but I do believe that it is any individual's right to upheld their beliefs and love instead of hiding behind close doors.

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kawaii_crazy says2013-12-27T03:54:33.633
I dont think hay or gay marriage should be allowed in society