Do you think that gendered brain differences make men smarter than women?

  • IQ distribution Issue

    Women's​ average IQ is more clustered around the average. Men's IQ is more broadly distributed along the bell curve, more highs and lows with a roughly (negligibly higher than the women's average) similar average. So you have more idiots, and more geniuses on the male side. Due to this biological discrepancy, it could be fairly stated that in any given field men will dominate intellectually, as while many men might subordinate to women, the most intelligent of them will almost certainly supercede the intellectual capacity of aforementioned women, on the whole.

  • Results are ubiquitous.

    Throughout history, as it is today, regardless of ethnicity or environmental upbringing; males are smarter than females. Research psychologists dedicate entire careers to the study of human intelligence. In short, many scientists have conducted IQ studies covering every conceivable bias and results still show that women are not smarter than men. To rectify, the only thing left is to fudge the results, misinterpret graphs and pat each other on the back whilst claiming institutionalised misogyny: Even though most psychologists are women.

  • In some areas men are smarter.

    The male brain tends to be larger although the woman's brain is said to be just as intelligent. In general men do tend to be more intelligent than women regardless of whether it is politically correct to say. The average woman lets too many emotions get in the way of her thinking. These emotions often confuse the issue being discussed and do not allow women to discuss the actual subject on hand. Men tend to be better able to separate the issues from their emotions.

  • There are more smart men than smart women, and more stupid men than stupid women

    Amongst the very smart people out there, there tend to be more men than women. The current research that I've heard often is that men's intelligence is more spread out than women's. So more male Nobel prize winners; also more male prisoners. The statement "men are smarter than women" doesn't take into account the average, which as others pointed out may be higher for women.

  • Gender has little to do with intelligence.

    I believe that gender has little to do with intelligence. While yes, the brains might be different between the genders, in the end men aren't inherently smarter or dumber than men. It all depends on what the individual person does, what they're desire to learn and become smarter is, completely indepdent of what their gender is.

  • Man Brain Dumb.

    Recent science has reported that brains have gender specific peculiarities. Do these peculiarities mean that men are smarter? There is no research to support this fully, but it has been suggested. Those that would claim this ignore many facts. Men are responsible for an overwhelming majority of prisoners around the world. This means women are either smart enough not to have to commit crime, or are just extremely more skilled at not getting caught.

  • While Brain differences do exist between genders, it dosen't make any gender smarter than the other.

    While it has been shown that males and female brains do process information differently, those differences don't indicate that one gender is smarter than the other. Males tend to do better with math naturally, and females tend to excel at language, but that dosent mean that either is smarter. If it did, there would be no female mathmaticians or male authors. All genders can learn equally, we just take a slightly different approach to learning, depending on gender.

  • No, women might be slightly smarter

    I think men and women are equally smart, but perhaps in
    different ways. Men usually run companies and nations, but women usually work
    as First Lady or the CEO’s wife, and I think that is a difficult job too. I
    think parenting is the hardest job of all, but the most rewarding, and both men
    and woman get to do it. On the other hand, women do tend to live longer than
    men, and perhaps that statistic hints that women are slightly smarter than men,
    after all.

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