• Indeed it is the case.

    The statement is fact: Genetics cause a correlation between race and intelligence. They're just factors after that fact. The opposing side are a somewhat curious lot. I think they are just defending what I said but didn't put it like me and instead got specific. So we're all correct the question is phrased incorrectly?

  • Yes, genetics play a huge role in race and intelligence.

    If people are bread to be bigger and stronger,why wouldn't it work for brains as well? The fact is if your pushed to be smarter and have the skill base or genetics for it, it going to happen. If a culture is developed through intellectual innovations, its going to translate over the years and into the gene pool.

  • I argue for the muscle theory

    Though this can only be fully shown in a few small cases, similar to the way that even pro-life justifies abortion in less than 1% of cases, some have said that African Americans with a strong ancestry from Africa, particularly Northern Africa, have more muscles. This could decrease blood flow to the brain.

  • Genetics and intelligence are correleated.

    This shouldn't be politically incorrect to talk about. Why? Because they're the facts. Asians have the most brain matter, Caucasians second, and black Africans 3rd. As a matter of fact, East Asians have upward of cup more of brain matter than black Africans, and also an IQ difference of 20 points.

  • How do you measure intelligence?

    Setting aside the rather important fact that there is no molecular basis to racism... What's intelligence and how do you measure it? IQ tests are not considered an unbiased and comprehensive source of data for this.
    So I'd say that not only there is no correlation between race and intelligence but also that genetics does not support the existence of races in the human species.

  • No, I do not think there is a correlation between race and intelligence.

    I do not think genetics causes a correlation between race and intelligence. I do not believe there is a correlation between race and intelligence. I believe that given certain limiting economic factors, intelligence is still there, but has not had the opportunity to flourish. I think the only correlation is directly between genetics and intelligence.

  • It is individualized.

    No, I do not think that genetics causes a correlation between race and intelligence, because, while intelligence is genetic, it is really not because of any one race in particular. A person is how smart they are because of that specific, unique characteristic. There is no proof that the intelligence and race genes are tied together.

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