• Yes, I think global literacy rates have been increasing continously.

    I think that developing nations are rapidly improving their educational systems in recent decades and developed nations are increasing the quality of their educational programs, I think overall that the literacy rate is rising dramatically and will continue to rise barring some unseen disaster or war that interrupts the progress.

  • Global literacy rates have been increasing continuously.

    Yes, I believe global literacy rates have been steadily rising over the recent years and decades. Beyond targeted literacy efforts, this is also likely due to the proliferation of smart phones and other similar technologies. These days, these types of technologies are widely available, even in poorer countries, influencing the rising global literacy rates.

  • There has been a great increase from a decade ago

    Yes, I believe that global literacy rates have been increasing continuously. With the spread of new technology there is little room for illiteracy in the world today. There is also no excuses for most parts of the world to have anyone whom is illiterate. I think that literacy is moving in the right direction and should continue to do so in the future.

  • yes, the global literacy rate is rising.

    As third world countries around the world drag themselves out of poverty and into the modern world, education and the ability to read and right is definitely rising. A country like China, the highest populated country in the world, has risen very quickly from a poor country to one of the worlds powers.

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