• Graffiti is Art

    If ones definition of art is something that an individual takes time to produce, then, yes, graffiti is art. The person who creates it has to put time and effort into whatever it is they plan to produce. Often, graffiti intends to portray a message, this is demonstrated in the work of Banksy.

  • Yes it is art

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  • Everything involves with pictures and shapes are art

    Well it can be rude but it also show emotions and express the feelings in art like a message. For me I personally believe its art because I'm an artist myself. If people like graffiti then it's their style. Many people think graffiti is gang related but so what. Well some buildings can look boring so putting graffiti on it makes it more interesting and fun to look at. I consider it a beautiful art.

  • If it's placed and displayed "properly"

    Graffiti can be rude vandalism. It can also be beautiful art! It really depends on content and placement. On ugly train cars, for example, I consider graffiti art. As long as it does not cover any important information such as the train car number. On houses, schools, or fences I consider it vandalism and am very opposed to it.

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