Do you think that gun control with spark the next civil war?

Asked by: sports89man7
  • Possibly, it depends if they change the laws.

    People are being very angered by gun control, such as i, so there is a lot of potential that a revolt will happen. The thing is, we're turning from a free country, to a country governed by a king (Government) We came to america for freedom and for more rights that were limited in britian. But now we have people from foreign countries coming to america that are against guns, f-ing up our laws! It's our country not some foreigners! This just isn't fair. Who agrees with me?

  • If we let it

    With all the crap happening in Connecticut about gun control, i think it will spark the next civil war. The sandy hook commission and obama want to erode everybodys 2nd amendment rights and i think it is going to start the next american civil war. Thats all i got to say...

  • Think about it...

    "We the people" are the government. The 2nd amendment shall not be infringed. This amendment was created to defend "we the people" domestic or foreign. Those who would threaten to infringe what is not to be infringed are technically a domestic threat to "We the people". This is treading on treason. Therefore, "we the people" would have the right to defend themselves against the treasonous. They stand for the foundation of America and those who oppose seek to create a new foundation of American. Two polar opinions to dictate a country's foundation 100% of the time will result in bloodshed. One cannot simultaneously walk left and right.

  • Yes! Yes! And yes!

    Getting rid of all the short sighted idiot liberals would be good for the future gene pool. Also having less people would help to solve the global warming situation...So win win. I mean hey...They said they would all move to Canada if Trump won but none of them were smart enough to find the door apparently soooo we would just be giving them what they wanted by kicking them out.

  • You give an inch they'll take a mile

    To many, this argument is not just taking away guns, it is taking away a right and to be ready to give up one, would be ready to give up them all. We live in a society today because of our rights. If we gave up the one to defend ourselves then we would have to be ready to give them all up.

  • Giving away our guns!!!!?????

    There many reasons why we have the right to bear arms and own guns. Guns are needed because if the government becomes corrupt so that the people can take over, and if we get attacked or to protect your family we need guns. No gun control. The government wants the people to be weak and not able to fight back compared to their weapons.

  • Yes absolutely it would

    You already have two opposing sides, ( the left, and the right) and both are angry, the second amendment it too embedded into the American culture and history and it would probably take a war to get rid of it. Going door to door would only make matters worsts for it

  • We recognize the Democrat socialist enemy

    The UN charter is clear to understand and globalist scum want it pushed through so we have staged events. Some people live some die but it is an act carried out be former citizens and traitors in government. We the legal constitutional citizens of the United States recognize the enemies in mainstream media, religion, government and we say to the traitors of the constitution. We will keep our ar15 rifles and we will go to war as legal constitutional citizens. You will be defeated traitors. Be it in 1 year or 100, our bloodlines will nullify you as god intends. We will never be subjects for you to dictate to. We will never surrender because death under tyrants is better than being a slave to government!

  • You either believe in the entire Bill of Rights, or you believe in none of it at all.

    Those who believe in none of it will be the enemies of freedom loving Americans. A house divided will surely fall. The spirit and original intent of the Second Amendment is still alive in the hearts and minds of Patriots. They understand that they possess the power to cast off the chains of those governments who become usurpatious and desire to impose their will against the Rights of the People.

  • Our Right to Defend Ourselves is God Given

    God gave us the right to defend ourselves not man's laws. Although I would much rather live in peace, Noone will take my right to any type weapon. When the police fail to protect me in a timely manner, and you have criminals using semi auto rifles more and more, who will step in and help me and my family? I have seen it more than once when a gun man makes it inside a building the cops stay in a safe place outside while the criminal has his way, and your left to defend yourself, now you want to take my rights away, I don't think so, together we stand divided we fall !

  • Amendments have caused some "incidents", but certainly no "Wars"

    While guns are indeed part of the contract of American society, I doubt an change in the 2nd Amendment would spark an actual civil war. Did prohibition spark a civil war? No. And although technically the slave movements did spark a civil war, that was because the south really did depend on labour and believed that black labour held their finances together. But do guns hold the same importance? Or are they just novelties at this point…..

  • There are other problems.

    While guns might spark the next civil war, I highly doubt is. There are so many other problems that guns are not going to be the problem. For example, the economy. We are, as of right now, is about 18 trillion dollars. Do you think that debt will decrease? I know for sure i t won't. Eventually it is going to get so high that people will start to get riled up. They are then going to get fighting, spit, and fight even more. I don't know if this expresses my point very much, but no, I don't think that gun control will be the start of the next civil war. It might later on, but not the next one.

  • This is a ridiculous question

    I don't think there's really any need to support this argument. The premise needs support. Why would we even ask this question? There's no indication of anything like that going on. So absurd. The only armed rebellions against the US have been put down quickly, except the actual Civil War, which brewed for years, involved standing armies that already existed but now don't, and is never going to happen again. Just a totally dumb question.

  • This generation as a whole lacks the will to do so

    Thinking long and hard about it I don't think it will. On the one hand It might, but on the other hand I don't know that this generation has the intestinal fortitude to go to armed conflict for their rights. If It does go to that level, the conflict will be long and costly in lives and dollars. The veterans in our community with experience in insurgent warfare will cause another Vietnam scenario where the civilian population will lose the stomach for war and peace will be brought about with two separate states.

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