• It is a business

    The idea of health insurance is a great idea, but the idea of making everyone get health insurance is just a way for people to get the government to give people cheaper health insurance. True health insurance is a real business that needs to tae risk into account when deciding.

  • Insurance companies have a financial responsibility to consider a patient's risk

    Ignoring the many recent debates about national healthcare and mandatory health insurance, it is important to remember that insurance companies are just that: businesses. As businesses, it is their financial obligation to consider a patient's risk in terms of coverage options and costs. While this may seem "unfair" to some, it is a consequence of working within a capitalist economic structure.

  • Yes, I think that health insurance coverage should consider the patients risk.

    Yes, I think that health insurance coverage should consider the patients risk. As heartless as it sounds I do not think people that are already sick should be allowed to get health coverage at the same price as someone who is healthy. They should have to pay much higher fees.

  • Health insurance premiums should be risk-based.

    I believe health insurance premiums should be linked to risk, to the extent that the majority of health-related issues are preventable. Lifestyle choices such as binge drinking, smoking, and overeating are signs that an individual will be significantly more expensive to insure than someone who leads a healthier lifestyle. I live in a state that does not allow medical underwriting and find it appalling that I (a healthy 20-something) have to pay the exact same insurance premiums as an obese, chain-smoking senior citizen with diabetes and lung cancer.

  • It encourages healthy behavior.

    Yes, I think that health insurance coverage should consider the patient's risk, because that is the only way that a health insurance company can stay in business. Taking risk into account also encourages people to have healthy lifestyles. Auto insurance companies take risk into account, and that hurts young people, so old people should pay more for health insurance.

  • We are all free equals.

    In our modern society we learn we're all free and each human life is just as valuable as another, so why should people that were born with a genetically higher risk to certain diseases be forced to pay more? Then we move into a society where everything depends on your genes: what school you go to; what jobs you get offered and which life you will live...
    Is that what we want?

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