Do you think that helping the poor financially makes them too dependant ?

Asked by: Betterthanyouuuu
  • I think poor people suck money from hard workers.

    Poor is a mentality. Just as rich is. People have the ability to be whatever they want to be, rich, poor, happy, unhappy, free, unfree, smart, stupid, etc. These are all choices that people have control over.

    We commonly hear that poor people are born poor and that they are victims. Victims of what, a different starting point in life? People start life in different places and from different dispensations, but this does not mean they are destined to end life the same place they started life.

  • The poor are dependent

    Those who lack the ability to gain money due to the oppression of capitalism are going to be dependent. That's the point of capitalism God ---- it !! The rich get richer at the expense of the poor. Thus instead of giving spare change to beggars rally them and all others to cast down the oppressors!!

  • Come on, guys, help the poor!

    Of course, you can't just give beggars $100, but you should help them or donate at least a little bit! Remember, if you were one of them, you wouldn't be completely dependent on the rich, but a little money might help you get a job, which means you can work hard, and then make your own money.

  • I don't entirely think so.

    I think giving the poor some help and supplying them when a little bit of money to help get themselves out of their little dump is good, but also if you supply them over and over again then they will never figure it out for themselves. Help is good. But not too much

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