Do you think that Henry Ford's opposition to labor unions was justified?

  • He wanted to save money.

    He had horrendous manufacturing standards. A 200 percent turnover rate he made the living wage to keep employees so he didnt lose them to union shops. He laid off 75000 people in 1931 which led to the ford hunger march where his security opened fire upon the crowd injuring dozens.

  • Union Mafia Harms US auto industry competitiveness

    The union should be scrapped. It is a useless heavy burden to the American auto industry. It handicaps it’s best workers while protecting the lazy. We are not a communist country yet accept unions as legitimate. Crying shame. If we returned to Henry Fords model of hiring and paying for talent, We would rebuild our reputation for American quality.

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  • Yes, from his perspective

    From the point of self interest as a factory owner and a businessman, I believe that he was simply acting in his own best interest to be against labor unions. No rational human being would want to have to negotiate with labor unions or to have them come in to try to force his or her business to pay more wages or provide more benefits.

  • Henry Ford Believed in Managers, Not Unions

    Henry Ford believed managers should take care of their workers, not labor unions. He hired a former Navy soldier to adamantly quash any formation of a labor union within the Ford Motor Company. Ford believed that unions did more harm than good in that labor leaders were in it for their own gains and not for the good of the employees.

  • Unions fight inequity

    Unions are supposed to be formed in order to secure worker's rights in the light of an owner's cruelty or being unfair. Henry Ford, for his time, was far, far ahead of his time, and actually paid his workers far more than others, and gave them better conditions on his own accord.

  • Henry Ford Did Right by Workers

    It is well known that Henry Ford opposed labor unions in the early days of Automobile production in Detroit. Henry Ford did not trust the powers behind labor unions. As a businessman, Henry Ford believed that employers should do right by their workers, paying them a good wage and giving them good working conditions simply because it was the right thing to do by them and doing so would lead to greater productivity and hence more profit for the business owner in the long run. Henry Ford was justified in his opposition to labor unions because if business owners treated their workers the way Henry Ford did, there is no need for the unions. The unions will take a portion of the laborer's money and destroy individual initiative by bargaining for the collective. In Henry Ford's world, each worker's individual merit could be recognized.

  • Henry Ford was scum.

    All power to the people. Down with oligarchs, Magnates, And the scum of the bourgeois. If there was justice in this world, Henry ford would have been hung like Mussolini by the bootstraps that he disallowed his workers to pull themselves up by. A leech on the value created by labor. Solidarity forever with the toiled and oppressed!

  • Just Wanted To Save A Buck

    I do not believe Henry Ford's opposition to labor unions was justified, just as other corporations opposition to labor unions is not justified. It is obvious that these companies and people simply do not want to reimburse employees fairly in the long run and are only seeking ways to maximize profits.

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