Do you think that heredity determines moral traits as well as physical ones?

  • Heredity determines a lot.

    The genes that one carries from each parent helps to influence a way a child is going to be when they are growing up. I know a young man who doesn't know his father but yet he acts just like his father. He has all of his bad traits and he acts just like his father does.

  • Heredity dies not determine moral traits

    Morals is something that people learn over time and not something thing that is immediately there as soon as we are born. It is thought to us and is influenced by the people and evironment around us. We also have the responsibility to bulid the type of people we are and the type of people we become

  • Heredity does not determine moral traits

    Moral traits are not determined by heredity. Morality is learned from others. That includes family members, and others around you, that influence your moral behavior. Moral traits are passed on from generation to generation, and continually change with time. At the end, morality is determined by what a person believes in, rather than what you were born with.

  • Morals are learned.

    Morals are not something we are born with. Morals are something we learn as we experience this thing called life. Any two year old will not think twice about biting someone that makes them mad. It is only with their parents guidance do they begin to learn that this is not morally acceptable.

  • That is nurture.

    No, I do not think that heredity determines morality as well as physical ones, because physical traits cannot be changed, whereas morality can be taught. People who grow up in tough situations are likely to have a hard time learning morals. Children who are adopted out often have better outcomes, which is evidence that morality is taught, not given at birth.

  • No, I think morality comes more from environment and soul.

    Heredity deals with the genetic makeup of a person and influences intelligence and emotional capacity as well as physical attributes. But morality is the willingness to take others into account and that comes more from environmental factors and perhaps also from a karmic energy of the soul that gives a life a certain direction.

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